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All words: Ryan Mahoney

Hello, house guests, and welcome to this week’s edition of But First.

The HOH/jury comeback competition was in full swing when we last spoke.

The competition was to see who could not only stand on a ledge the longest, but also collect 10 baseballs. The last of the four jury members to stay in the game would return to the house, and the last houseguest remaining would be Head of Household.

The only entertaining part of this competition was when Jessie falls off:

In case you couldn’t understand her, it is believed she screamed “F*ck you, Amanda!”

As for the results:

The jury member to come back into the house is…


and the new head of household is…




Elissa put up McCrea and Aaryn for elimination with hopes to either backdoor Amanda or get McCrea out. The only thing that could ruin that is if Amanda won the Power of Veto. That could never happen, Amanda doesn’t win ANYTHING.

Here is eight minutes of Amanda being obnoxious:


The Power of Veto competition was my least favorite. It was literally the houseguests rolling a ball back and forth. And who wins it? AMANDA.

So as predicted, Amanda used it on McCrea so both she and McCrea are safe this week. (So annoying.) To top it all off, Amanda says “Nobody comes in between me and my man” which is Elissa’s sister Rachel’s ICONIC quote, to which E replies:


Elissa puts Andy up as the replacement nominee. Before we get to the evictions, we need to talk about the Zingbot. The Zingbot is my favorite event of the season and I was so happy to see him return. The Zingbot comes in and ZINGS the houseguests. Check out what he had to say:

Now for the elimination:

Judd votes to evict…. Aaryn

Spencer …. Aaryn

GinaMarie …. Aaryn

Amanda …. Aaryn

Amanda’s bitch, I mean McCrea, votes to evict… Aaryn

With a unanimous vote, Racist Aaryn is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Julie’s exit interview with Aaryn has to be the highlight of the season. She calls her out on some of her racist and homophobic comments. And to be honest, I don’t think enough of the audience booed her.


You snatch that weave, Julie Chen!

Aaryn blaming everyone but herself…. SHOCKER.

Julie Chen reveals to us that this week will be yet another double eviction. Let’s pray for a McCranda elimination.

The HOH competition is a long one. The houseguests need to get an egg from one side of the fence to the other using only their fingers through the fence.

The winner will not be revealed on the show until next week.

Until then, don’t forget to watch Big Brother, Wednesdays 8/9 c, Thursdays 9/8c, and Sundays 8/7 c only on CBS and we’ll be back next week with another wrap-up.