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All words: Ryan Mahoney

Hello, house guests, and welcome to this week’s edition of But First.

Last week, was the glorious double eviction week. Unfortunately two of my faves left but the show must go on.

The HOH competition was a “skill” competition. The house guests went head to head to roll “cherries” onto “sundaes”. I use a lot of “air quotes”, huh? Anywho, Andy is our new Head of Household.

Now, instead of celebrating, all the attention goes to Amanda who is crying and complaining. During the competition, she was head to head with McCrea (which is strange because they are usually, genital to genital), and McCrea beat Amanda. She anticipated that he would let her win.


Andy played it safe this week and put up Jessie and Spencer. He told both of them separately that neither were the target that week.



You and me both, Helen…. You and me both.

Later in the week, Jessie was eavesdropping on the house guests and heard them all say they were going to vote Jessie out. Enraged, she began stirring the pot.

First, Jessie told Amanda that Helen and Elissa approached her to get Amanda out (which was true). Of course Helen denied it and they got a bit loud with each other. But, this blew up Helen’s game because now everyone has lost a little trust in her.

She then told GinaMarie that Aaryn is always talking shit about her. This caused a huge fight in the house. While the fight was going don, Jessie sat there with a smirk on her face and not one f*ck was given….



The Power of Veto was a counting competition. Basically, the houseguests are shown a small group of objects and told how many there are, and then next to it is a larger quantity and the houseguest with the closest guess, gets a “movie ticket.” The contestant with the most movie tickets at the end, wins. Think: The Price is Right. Check out the winner below:

As the video has shown, Andy won POV, along with his HOH power. Shockingly, he decided to play it safe and not use the power of veto, which means either Spencer of Jessie will go home.


The eviction votes went as followed:

Amanda votes to evict… Jessie
McCrae votes to evict… Jessie
Aaryn votes to evict… Jessie
Helen votes to evict… Jessie

Elissa votes to evict… Jessie

GinaMarie votes to evict… Jessie

With a vote of  6-0, Jessie is eliminated from the Big Brother house.

From here, let’s head on to the Head of Household competition.

This is the god-forsaken Knockout competition. In this comp, Julie Chen plays a song, and the lyrics describe either and HOH, Have Not, or Veto competition. The house guest must hit the buzzer of the correct competition first to win. If the person who buzzes first is wrong, they are out. The house guests go head-to-head, and the winner gets to choose the next two house guests to play.
GinaMarie vs. Helen: GM wins.
Spencer vs. Elissa: Spencer wins.

McCrae vs. GM: McCrae wins.
Spencer vs. Aaryn: Aaryn wins.
McCrae vs. Amanda: McCrae lets Amanda win…
Amanda vs. Aaryn: Aaryn wins.


For the fourth time this season, Aaryn is HOH.

At the conclusion of last night’s live episode Julie Chen told us that next week a juror would reenter the house as a player. The three current jurors: Candice, Judd, and Jessie, along with whomever is evicted next week, will compete to see who will come back. This twist makes me so happy, because three of my favorite players are in the Jury right now.

Before we go I just have one short message for Queen Elissa:

Until then, don’t forget to watch Big Brother, Wednesdays 8/9 c, Thursdays 9/8c, and Sundays 8/7 c only on CBS and we’ll be back next week with another wrap-up.