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If there were a contest for Most Creative Approach to Beating the Quarantine Blues, George and Sherryl Kamper (and their inflatable, protective, six-foot bubble) would absolutely win. The couple of 35 years has been taking incredible portraits of George inside the aforementioned gigantic bubble, showcasing daily activities like reading in the garden, going for strolls, and even taking dips in the jacuzzi, all with a hilarious twist.

“I literally woke up in the middle of the night and started thinking of ideas on how I could be inspired by the coronavirus pandemic, rather than becoming totally depressed by it,” George says.

Hence the bubble portrait project was born. It’s very much a team effort, with Sherryl in charge of most propping, styling and art directing, while George, an advertising photographer, remotely controls the camera from inside the bubble. (And no, it’s not Photoshopped.)

We feel fortunate that George has given us permission to share some snaps (and captions) with you below. You can scope more of his work here, and be sure to follow the Kampers’ journey on Instagram, where they upload new portraits each week.

Bottom line – don’t let coronavirus burst your bubble!

(editor’s note: this is part 3 in our loosely themed COVID photo essay series – if you would like to submit a photo essay, please email us at [email protected])

Corona Bubble Part 1.


Bubble Boy
Corona Bubble Part 2. We’re all facing this Corona virus challenge together. With all the email and hype we live with in our crazy lives and business, I wanted to say to family and friends, be well, and be safe. Don’t let this challenging time crush your spirit. We’re all looking forward to getting back in the groove and out of our bubble soon. In the meantime, we’re hoping to help inspire friends to take this seriously, utilizing a little comedy. Thanks to @sherrylkamper for the art direction and @drseuss for the book #ohtheplacesyoullgo


Bubble Boy
Corona Bubble Part 3. Venturing outside the house and into the bubble. We’re truly alone & together. Be Safe. ❤️ art direction: @sherrylkamper


Corona Bubble Part 4. Just hanging around the jacuzzi today with @sherrylkamper catching up on a little @drseuss. Our son, @nickkamper borrowed the boat. Hopefully he’ll bring back some self-distancing fish for dinner and we might let him borrow it again some time!


Bubble BoyBubble BoyBubble Boy
Several of you have asked if we’re retouching me into the bubble so I thought I’d share a couple of BTS images of the prep featuring the bubble deflated and my lovely assistant @sherrylkamper helping me inflate and get in it. The shots are all real. We clean up the background a little, but I’m definitely in the bubble. We started the series with me shooting on my iPhone and triggering the camera with my Apple watch, but the enclosure and distance was too much for it. Sherryl has been pushing the button on the camera and art directing. Hoping to get a few more done soon. Switching to the Canon and Camranger for the remaining ones. Thanks for following.


Bubble Boy
Corona Bubble Part 5! Checking out #TigerKing tonight on #Netflix with @sherrylkamper Wondering what the big deal is with this show? 🤷🏻 Social distancing and looking for the salt…🍿 Ps. Cats don’t seem to like this show either.


Bubble Boy
Corona Bubble Part 6! A-Tisket -A Tasket… I’ve got my Easter basket! Venturing out with my Easter bunny @sherrylkamper while socially distancing from reality. No kids, just us…Keeping a sense of humor in trying times. Hope you’re doing the same. Have a Happy Easter. Hop,Hop!!🐰 Thanks for the swell wagon Neil & Patty!


Scrub-a-Dub-Dub! 🛁🧽 Saturday afternoons are for taking care of our bubble. Corona Bubble Part 7! With a little help in art directing and propping from @SherrylKamper A Clean Bubble is a Happy Bubble! Keeping a sense of humor in trying times. Hope you’re doing the same!


Bubble Boy
Bringing Levity To Life AKA Bubble Boy Part 8! Gardening fun with our bubble while watering the seeds we’ve sowed. Thinking of safe ways to cultivate our creative juices and making art without putting anyone at risk…Besides, gardening is cheaper than therapy!


Bubble Boy
“Star Light, Star Bright!” Redneck Bubble Boy Part 9
Corona & Clorox cocktails give me gas…💨
With a little help in art directing and propping from @SherrylKamper
Thanks for the swell beanies!


Bubble Boy
“A special Mom deserves a special meal!” 👨🏻‍🍳 Mother’s Day Bubble Boy style
Corona Bubble Part 10! With a little help in art directing and propping from @SherrylKamper
New fangled TV Dinner for these challenging times. Besides, cooking is cheaper than therapy! 🍗🌽
Corn-o mixed veggies, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, tater tots (for good measure), sliced apples in goo, topped off with my favs…. HoHo’s! Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! However you’re spending your day, I hope you make it all about you (for once). 💝



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