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All words by BRWN Collective Studio

Amplifying visibility for BIPOC creatives is something we at BRWN Collective Studio do with great pride. The shift in the dialogue around identity and opportunity to showcase BIPOC artist work is great. Below are artists and makers whose work we enjoy and would like to share with you. We hope you enjoy and are inspired by them! 

Viri’s Favorite Artist

  • Artist Name: Caralarga
  • Artist IG: @caralarga_mx
  • Artist Website: https://caralarga.com.mx/
  • Favorite Piece or Collection: Any of their large format My favorite one Arcoiris (rainbow)
  • Tell me why they’re your favorite: They represent the modern Mexican design. All of their products and artwork are 100% sustainable and the best of all is that they work with Mexican artisans to preserve their ancestral techniques. 

Alé’s Favorite Artist

  • Artist Name: Rebeca Cors
  • Artist IG: @cors.mx
  • Artist Website: www.cors.mx
  • Favorite Piece or Collection: Serie Aria,  2019
  • Tell me why they’re your favorite: La versatilidad en su piezas, desde los materiales que utiliza hasta los tamaños que maneja. Las formas que le puede dar a esos materiales, mármol, madera, metales, canteras.  Los colores de los materiales. Su textura. 

Jasmin’s Favorite Artist 

  • Artist Name: Lys Santamaria
  • Artist IG: @lys.artist
  • Artist Website: www.LysSantamaria.com
  • Favorite Piece or Collection: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt_Zom8gd1b/?igshid=7odygexzpdvh
  • Tell me why they’re your favorite: Lys is one of my favorite human beings.  They utilize their art as a personal way to heal and meditate.  Their art consists of painting with beads to create 2D artwork, sculpture and jewelry.  Outside of being an artist they also teach which is the ultimate form of continuing to put art into the universe.

Brittney’s Favorite Artist 

  • Artist Name: Deborah Roberts
  • Artist IG: @rdeborah191
  • Artist Website: deborahrobertsart.com
  • Favorite Piece or Collection: Any of her collage works. 
  • Tell me why they’re your favorite: An Austin native like me, her work has always been representative of faces not commonly displayed locally. Using black subjects and mixing how they’re portrayed through collage, is intriguing to me. She’s made a name for herself locally and globally, plus Beyonce is a fan. Need I say more?!

Fritzi’s Favorite Artist 

  • Artist Name: Hilda Palafox
  • Artist IG: @poni
  • Artist Website: https://hildapalafox.com/
  • Favorite Piece or Collection: Currently showing at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco.
  • Tell me why they’re your favorite: Her use of color and space is ambiguous yet grounding. Works include illustrations, canvases, murals and media such as ceramics. Female forms with a masculance undertone aligned with boldness and sensuality is what draws me to her work. 

Additional details about the pictured pieces:

01: Caralarga
Artist IG:@caralarga_mx
Piece: Arcorisi Corto
Material: 100% raw cotton thread and sansevieria fiber. Hand Made. 

02: Rebeca Cors
Artist IG:@cors.mx
Piece: Seire Aria, 2019
Material: Cantera

03: Lys Santamaria
Artist IG:@lys.artist
Piece: Bead Crochet
Material:Glass Beads

04: Deborah Roberts
Artist IG: @rdeborah191
Piece: Between Them 2019
Material: Mixed media collage on paper

05: Hilda Palafox
Artist IG:@poni
Piece: Mujer y Serpiente 2020
Material: Acrylic on canvas

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BRWN Collective Studio is an Austin, Texas and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico based design firm created by five women-of-color who saw that a different story needed to be told in their industry – one that celebrates communities and the cultural heritages that enrich them. BRWN is a collaborative design effort to build lasting client relationships that foster meaningful community engagement.

Through our transparent approach to design, we create spaces that reflect diverse communities for the world at-large to experience. 

BRWN Collective Studio is Brittney Williams – Jasmin Romero – Fritzi Chavez – Viridiana Avila – Alejandra Ybarra.