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Don’t just spend MLK Day grossly getting drunk at brunch. Spend it getting drunk at brunch while actively supporting restaurants who don’t want to profit off of the gross festivities of the inauguration. All of these spots plan to donate their inauguration proceeds to different local charities and we couldn’t be more proud of them.


From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. the Commissary will be offering their pretty substantial brunch menu. If you’re especially hungry, the omelettes here are huge and delicious, but I also like to keep it simple when I swing by the Commissary and order a breakfast plate with plenty of eggs, bacon, and toast. Also, their brunch drinks (which include classics like mimosas and bloody mary’s) are unlimited on Monday so you can really get wild before you spend the rest of the day volunteering.

The Coupe

If you’re going to The Coupe on Monday I want you to take my advice and order the fried chicken sandwich. And then I want you to get an Irish coffee. And then you’re free to do and order whatever you want but those are the two most delicious things on the menu and I promise they’ll make you happy.

The Diner

The Diner is the only place on this list I’ve cried in, so it holds a special place in my heart. You might be crying thinking about the future of our county / our city this Monday, but trust me, I’ve been there and I can promise you their bacon will make you feel better. Get a boozy milkshake because no matter what happens in the next four years ice cream and alcohol will always make you feel better.


If your perfect morning includes an extreme amount of seafood then A. you have very specific taste and B. you’ve come to the right place. Grillfish has chilled shellfish, smoked fish, and all the oysters you could ever want.


Kick your morning off with a mimosa du jour (so faaaaaancy) and work your way through the rest of their brunch menu one bite at a time. I personally haven’t been to Marvin for brunch, but looking over their menu the shrimp and grits, huevos rancheros, and the Marvin burger look like they’re worth the money.


D.C.’s newest Mexican restaurant is hopping straight into the brunch game with a special three course meal available on MLK Day. While you’re enjoying all the Mexican food you can possibly eat, make sure to liberally try their mezcal cocktails. Even if you’re not a fan of the smokey liquor, these are so well balanced  you truly can’t go wrong.

Open City

Another classic brunch option, you’ve probably spent many a morning getting drunk on Open City’s patio and this Monday will be no different. I’m partial to the burger here, but I’ve also heard the french toast is A++. I also recommend drinking all the aperol-grapefruit spritz you can fit in your body.

The Pig

If you’re the kind of person who only wants a plate full of greasy crunchy bacon for breakfast than you’ve come to the right place. This is the kind of restaurant that has multiple meat boards available for order. Sure, there are also breakfast sandwiches and omelettes and other normal brunch dishes like that, but you’re in a restaurant called The Pig. You have to order a meat board.

Slim’s Diner

Slim’s offers a wide and delicious variety of breakfast options. From omelets to pancakes to sweet sweet breakfast sandwiches, if you’re craving some nicer than average diner food than you’ve come to the right place. Finish it all off with a slice of pie. Who cares if it’s 11 a.m. You don’t have to work today. You can eat whatever the hell you want.


A classic brunch destination, Tryst has any breakfast food you could possibly want. If you really don’t give a shit about your health, kick off brunch with a frappé because it’s basically a coffee milkshake. Follow it up with a ham and cheese croissant (I could eat a million of these and die happy) then get a gingerbread waffle for dessert. It’s 2017 and we can do whatever we want including eating ourselves to death.