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DJ VictoryRose booked me my first DJ gig in DC, so I’m glad to come full circle and book her for our Bride of Hipster Camp pool party at Capitol Skyline tomorrow. Here’s her guest post for song of the day!

While prepping for Saturday, I was reminded how awesome 2000-2006 really was for indie music. Hindsight being 20-20 and all, I’m not particularly surprised by who has had sustaining power (uhh, TV on the Radio) and who were one-hit-indie-wonders (ahem…The Go! Team). Regardless, when trying to decide who deserved the “Song of the Day” spotlight, I considered such girlie-singer bands (as was requested) as Broadcast, Lily Allen, The Long Blondes, Love is All, Ladytron, Metric, M.I.A., The Ravonettes, The Pipettes (holy shit Saturday is going to be fun!), but then settled on the one and only Karen O and her brilliant band mates who make up the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

I will admit that as an album Fever to Tell was a little difficult for me to tolerate. It was so rocker, so artsy, so seemingly cobbled together and SO INSANELY HYPED. I feel entirely different about the album now (in my old-er age), but there are three things I could not deny even then: “Date With a Night”, “Y Control” and the single best song to be released in 2003, “Maps”. I believe that this song was that defining moment in the band’s career when you saw what they were truly capable of… and then they went on to create It’s Blitz (released in 2009), which is absolute genius through and through. But, that’s for a different pool party.

Enjoy the tune and I look forward to playing a few more on Saturday!