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Who does not love grilling?
And grilling for a good cause?
And grilling for a good cause Iron Chef Style?
Now we’re talking.

This Thursday (June 28th) from 6.30 to 9.30 (conveniently dinner timed) Hotel Monaco will be hosting the first annual “BrainFood Grill-Off” which has local chefs from Clyde’s, Zaytinya, Cafe Atlantico, Zola, Jaleo (and more) participating with local community member and kids to benefit the Brainfood program.

(for the uninitiated Brainfood program is a local, non-profit oganization that uses food and cooking to stimulate positive youth development. They host summer and after-school programs that teach everything from holding a knife properly (that tends to come in handy) to cooking locally and in season to even writing about food
(budding BYT ME contributors rejoice!). The Program also partners up with Capital Area Food Bank, N Street Village and DC Central Kitchen, helping students serve their community and gain real-life work experience.)

Obviously, a great place, and a cause.

They are located in Columbia Heights (and now in Chinatown)

The concept of the evening is simple:
It is a competition!
For the first annual “Brainfood Skillet”!
Each team will be consist of afore mentioned profesional chefs, community members, and one of the Brainfood students(who will actually be in charge of making most of the meal, no pressure and all)

Iron Chef style, each team will be given “suprise” ingredients and there is ONLY one hour to create a dish.
Then a panel of judges votes, and declares the winner.

So, where do YOU come in?
Since this is a benefit for “Brainfood”, naturally it is also a party:
For $75 you can enjoy the event as well as dinner, open bar (tho we are always sketched out by those in the presence of kids)
all sorts of other things, plus feel your karma points increase by the second.

And if you can’t make it, you can always go to https://secure.groundspring.org/dn/index.php?aid=7602
and make a donation.

(and now, some food porn for good measure)