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interview by: Zachary Goldbaum

Out of all my guilty pleasures, celebrity gossip ranks among my guiltiest.  No matter how much you try to stifle it, we’re perpetually inundated by pop culture and sometimes the only way to deal with it is to yield to it.  Chelsea Handler’s pop culture soiree “Chelsea Lately” has become a hit by doing just that.  Chelsea’s roundtable regulars Brad Wollack and Sarah Colonna will be performing at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse this weekend as part of the “Comedians of Chelsea Lately.”  I got a chance to chat with Brad and Sarah before they traveled East about the show, touring, and just a bit of gossip.

BYT: So where are you guys right now?

Both: Los Angeles.

BYT: When are you getting to DC?

Brad: Saturday morning.  We’re coming in on a red-eye flight.  I think we’re getting in at like 6am.

Sarah: 5:45 actually.

Brad: Do you want to pick us up at the airport?

BYT: That’s what I was thinking actually.

Brad: Yeah, you can protect us from our swarms of adoring fans.

BYT: Don’t worry, I’ve arranged a security barricade, it’s covered.  The red-eye, eh?  I’ve made that flight a lot.  I went to USC.

Brad: Ah no way, so did I.  Fight on.

BYT:  I actually knew that, because I read your bio.  I can’t imagine you were too into the school spirit thing.

Brad: First, thanks for actually reading my bio.  Second, no, I wasn’t.

Sarah: I went to University of Arkansas, so I had to be into the Razorbacks. You have to move out of the state if you aren’t.


BYT: I think I’m going to steer clear of Arkansas.  So, have you guys performed in DC before?

Sarah: Brad has, I haven’t.

Brad: Yeah, it’s a great city for comedy.  You people are actually smart.

BYT: Yeah, I hear comedians love working here.  So I understand you guys are on tour with “The Comedians of Chelsea Lately.”  Is touring with comedians anything like touring with rock bands?

Brad:  Sort of.  There’s definitely a lot of drinking and late night hotel debauchery where food gets thrown everywhere.  I shouldn’t say that actually… don’t want to be banned from nice hotels.

Sarah: You never come back from tour feeling relaxed, I’ll say that.

BYT: What’s Chelsea like as a boss?

Sarah: She’s awesome.

Brad: A lot of verbal and physical abuse.

BYT: Any crazy stories?

Sarah:  Not that I can tell while I’m still working for her.

Brad: Wait for the unauthorized biography I’m releasing.


BYT:  I know the show got renewed through 2012.  Are you excited about that?

Brad:  Not at all, I don’t know how many more Lindsay Lohan jokes I can think of.

Sarah: It’s been really great.  It’s given us a platform for us to perform.

BYT:  Do you think the show is going to evolve in the next few years?

Sarah:  The format will basically stay the same, but we’re always looking to add new elements and sketches, etc.

Brad:  And we’re going to be starting a show in March called “After Lately,” which is a semi-scripted, comedic “behind the scenes” look at the action and people on our show.

BYT: Were you pretty into pop culture and particularly celeb culture before you started appearing on the show?

Sarah: Not at all.  Not nearly as much as I am now.

Brad: I wasn’t either.  In fact I hated it, but before I was hired, they asked me if I liked it and I was like, “Definitely!  I love it!”

BYT:  Ok, let’s do a lightning round of pop culture issues, because I rarely get to talk about this stuff.  Harry Potter 7, are you all sad it’s getting close to over?

Brad:  Not in the slightest.  I hate fantasy.  Isn’t the kid who plays him like forty-five now?  Does he finally come out of the closet in this one?

Sarah:  I’m sad that they made the first 6.

BYT:  Prince William just got engaged.  Do you think its cool that he’s going to marry a commoner?

Brad: Yeah, because I’m a commoner.  But they’ve been together for a while now, so I’m sure her vagina is very common to him now.  That’s actually a stupid joke.  Print it.

BYT:  Ok, I had more, but honestly that kind of exhausted me.  Sarah, you were on scare tactics for a while.  were you ever scared you were going to make someone poop their pants?

Sarah:  Sometimes you feel a little bad.  I once made a guy cry, but afterward he was so happy that he was on TV it didn’t matter.

BYT:  Sarah, you’re from Arkansas.  Did you ever do stand-up in Arkansas?

Sarah:  I didn’t get the balls to get up and do stand-up until I was out in LA.  The first time I ever did stand-up was in 1999.  A lot of my material comes from living there, but its not the greatest place to be a comedian.

BYT:  What about you, Brad?

Brad:  First time I ever did it was in 2000.  I actually took a comedy class and at the end there was a performance.  I did it once more and the third time I got up I totally bombed.

Sarah: Same.  I completely bombed the third time around.

BYT:  You know, when you google your name Brad, one of the first images is you next to an image of Mort Goldman, did you know that?

Brad:  I didn’t, but I think that’s pretty accurate.  I look like a cartoon character.

BYT:  I think that’s probably good in your profession.  Thank you both so much and good luck on Saturday!

Check out Sarah Colonna and Brad Wollack from the Chelsea Lately show LIVE at the Arlington Drafthouse.