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all photos and words: Kevin Carroll

Brief intro for the possibly uninitiated: John Tsombikos (born 1987 in New York City, NY) is an artist known for the commemorative graffiti campaign dedicated to his late friend Bobby L. Fisher (also known as BORF). The name BORF became a household name in the greater DC area and appeared in cities around the world, including San Francisco, New York City, Athens, Greece, Rome and Florence, Italy, London, England and as far south as Bogota, Columbia. A graduate of the Corcoran College of Art + Design (2009), Tsombikos has since lived in Athens, Greece.

Potty Trainedd New

Departing from the imagery that popularized the BORF campaign, Tsombikos analyzes the relationships between the tactics of power used for social control and the nihilistic tendencies and bitter hopelessness it instills in the peers of his good-for-nothing generation. This friction (manifested in the recent surge in riots and uprisings around the world) takes shape in “Potty-Trained at Gunpoint”); in the form of appropriated surveillance cameras mounted on trophy plaques, complete with cut wires hanging like the mangled viscera of a hunted animal. As part of his “Still Life” series, Tsombikos will also show hand painted copies of certificates, urine sample orders, and travel permits from his 3-years’ experience with juridical surveillance, highlighting the logic and absurdity behind institutional life. A variety of other new work in an array of media will also be on display.

Let’s get this potty started…

the show is open till October 10th, visit The Fridge’s website for more details.

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