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all words: Sarah Bernstein
all photos: Shauna Alexander

Some young guy from Minnesota is being taken on the trip of a lifetime to South America all because he knows how to pour Stella Artois. That’s a beer, in case you didn’t know.


On Friday night Stella hosted an amazing function at the National Building Museum, and all the alcoholics… I mean local celebs, were there including some of our lucky readers. Regional champions from cities all over the U.S. competed for the perfect pour: who can best pour a cold glass of Stella Artois in their iconic, gold-rimmed glass? Who would represent the United States in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the World Championship?


A champion has been chosen! Raise a Chalice to your U.S. World Draught Master, Sean Besser Hank who actually won the online competition, traveled to D.C. and claimed victory.


In case you were wondering, it’s not as simple as cracking open a bottle of beer and pouring it in a glass. Check out this video [hilarious] of the 9-step pouring ritual which kicked off the pouring competition. Even the bartenders serving at the event were using this magical pour to serve the perfect beer to the hundreds in attendance.


This made for long beer lines, but alas a blessing in disguise. You see, this allowed for ample time to ogle all the dashing gentlemen and chic ladies. The attire of the event was just as formal as the beer pouring ritual as the “dress to impress” memo was clearly circulated.


With an almost Mad Men-esque theme to the evening, white drapes flowing from floor to ceiling and an extensive collection of props to use in the photo booth, there was plenty of entertainment before evening mentioning the excellent musical choice: Nikki and Rich.


The last time I roamed the expansive National Building Museum it was filled with brewers and local beer drinkers at DC’s infamous beer event of the year, SAVOR. Stella gave SAVOR a run for its money by going as far to invite local chef and owner of Belga Cafe, Bart Vandaele, also known as “Bart the chef” to be one of the four judges in the competition.


The night ended with a delightful Stella flavored sorbet which had just the right hint of booze and tartness to cap off the evening. As I sauntered toward the nearest cab I thought to myself, watch out folks, DC might just become that beer town before you know it.

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