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The masterminds at THNK 1994 (who we both love and fear) have a new exhibit on virtual view right now, and you can book a visit for just $1 until it ends on November 18th, 2020. Inspired by Britney Spears’ IG posts, the exhibit features thirteen new mixed media portraits by artist Laura Collins representing three swipe-through IG posts from Britney’s summer 2020 era. (“Specifically 6/15/20, 6/16/20 and 6/23/20. All minutely different and yet worlds apart.”)

Even better, THNK 1994 has rebuilt Britney’s gym that burned down one time using miniatures acquired from eBay and Etsy. (Doing the lord’s work!) You can also expect other tiny replicas in a small-scale socially distant atmosphere.

Aside from a virtual visit, that $1 gets you a v. unique selfie – just send THNK 1994 a link to a photo of you, they will go to UPS and print it out, then will take a picture of the picture of you inside the tiny exhibit, and then send it back to you. Incredible value! (Also, safe!)

Obviously tag #BYTHINGS on IG to keep us in the loop about your virtual visit to Britney’s Instagram Posts // we are incredibly here for this kind of content. Thank you in advance!