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Ok, So I admit I didn’t have much background on the Bloody Beetroots. I knew they were an Italian DJ duo that made some intense electro mash up-y sounds. My boyfriend wants to have their babies, so I heard about them quite a bit but I didn’t really know a whole lot.

Anyway, when he heard they were playing at Ottobar in Baltimore on a Wednesday- randomly- he basically pooped his pants and convinced me to go. So, I am not that pumped to party on a Wednesday ( I also had to catch a 7 am plane) then I am less pumped when I find out that the BB’s don’t go on until midnight. Poopytown.
However, by 11pm there was an impressive crowd for a school night. The Opening DJs did a good job of hyping up the crowd. I watched from the balcony above as, what I am guessing were, 18 year old MICA students grind their teeth, take 10000 pictures of each other, sexy dancing and pounding the stage with their fists. They were ready to party. Seriously, it’s Wednesday?
So finally, the Bloody Beetroots go on stage and all out pandemonium breaks loose. They emerge wearing their usual spider man type mask, tight pants and 100% fist pumping energy. What they proceed to do, is basically smash our brains into a jelly- mixing Rage Against the Machine into electro, 50s jams into hard basslines and their own shit with Timbaland and all sorts of other goodies. It’s a big melange as far as melanges go. And yeah, ok, lots of other duos do the same but this just felt right, at least I liked it better than MSTRKRFT at 930 club.

Some crazy shirtless photog guy dances on stage holding a large Italian flag. You can base the nights’ craziness-progression by how he held the flag. First he held it outstretched behind the BBs, waving it proudly-coherently. Next, he just draped it across he shoulders and swung it around his head Petey Pablo style, occasionally opening it up. Finally, it was a crumbled rag that he shook around in his hand, eyes glazed over, stumbling.

I can honestly say, it was one of the best DJ duo shows I have seen based solely on crowd response and excitement. I can’t really evaluate them technically, as I am not a DJ nor really understand what Serato or all that other mumbo-jumbo is. If you get a chance to see them, please go. It was fun. A lot of fun.

Here is some ridiculous music video type thing ( looks like they are in hipster paradise)

Here they are At PukkelPop festival

Here are some songs:

Bloody Beetroots