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Biz Markie’s biggest single, and it would be safe to say what he is known for, “Just A Friend” was released in 1989. 20 years later, he is still packing… Chloe on a Thursday night, sorta. Creating one of the most instantly recognizable, and perhaps most well loved hip hop ballads of the 1980s earns the Biz a permanent place in the annals of hip hop. It does not, however, make him a DJ capable of rocking the party until the wee hours of the morning. Granted, he didn’t have a whole heck of a lot to work with, the club (Chloe, ugh) was brimming with sausage, and no, I don’t mean bratwurst. And unfortunately the smattering of b-boy bourgetto seemed more interested in posing about and flossing their Nike’s than they were in dancing. For a crowd of kids intent on showing off their street-wear savant, I didn’t see a whole lot of originality, sparing a few stars, see below, my man on the left.

08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-68 08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-65

Apparently, I’m behind on the times for thinking Stussy was a whole lot cooler in 1994 than it is now, because the store party drew out fans out in droves. Biz Markie’s name must have had mostly to do with it, but in all truth the Biz came on and killed the party. And I don’t mean “he killed it(!!!),” I mean the Biz came on, and the party flat-lined. Perhaps it was the ACDC (although I’m a big fan) but something just seemed wrong about Biz Markie spinning “Back in Black.” And another thing, he played the instrumental loop of his “Just A Friend” about three songs into his set, and never sang along, I mean, c’mon. I’d expect he played it again before the end, but I wouldn’t know because like most people, I left before the end of his set. It was disappointing.


08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-47 08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-71


Colorful baseball hats galore! Manufacturers stickers and all. Just like new.

08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-29 08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-39 08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-41


There was a fair amount of break(ish) dancing going on… I believe my favorite part of the battle had to have been when one guy entered the circle and did the robot, immediately eliciting a histrionics from the group and inspiring everyone around the circle to suddenly burst into it’s midst a la mock-robot. (Note to b-boys: see Chapelle show… robot, no longer cool.)

08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-62 08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-33

08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-54 08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-38


Is it just me? Or does anyone else see Ben Stiller here?



08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-34 08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-37 08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-35

08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-7 08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-32



08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-52 08_4.03_StussyParty@Chloe-9

Who needs jumbo slice? Bad Tisa! Don’t bite your friends.