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BURGER DAYS team returns from scouring DC for BEST BURGERS around with their special OFF SHOT column of SILF which we’re calling BILB (classy, we know)

TODAY: Mad Fox Brewing Company’s BURGER BACON JAM (TIMELY BONUS: Mad Fox is bringing back the jam and then some this Friday, Saturday and Sunday with their Big Game Burger. Smoked Gouda, BACON JAM, tomato jam, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions and fresh jalapenos on a 1/2 lb. burger. Score.)
Bacon. Egg. Pastrami. Anything fried.
Just some of our favorite burger toppings.
But there’s one topping that rules them all, standing alone atop our burger condiment list. (Yeah, we got a list.)
Bacon Jam.
Some of the best we’ve ever had has been from Mad Fox Brewery, but it’s availability is always limited and we never get our fill of the stuff before it’s gone.
During our last visit to the Falls Church brew pub, we implored chef Russel Cunningham to alert us the next time he hooked up a burger with the topping of all toppings, and lo and behold, he gave us a shout one morning last month:

“Bacon Jam and cheddar is back at Mad Fox today” read the note alongside a photo of said burger that instilled instant hunger pangs.


There was no discussion– the burger would be inside us in the next few hours.

If you’ve never experienced bacon jam, words alone cannot do it justice. But we can try.


It’s an amalgamation of bacon, onions, brown sugar, spices and other tasty stuff, all cooked down into a gelatinous mix that combines sweet, salty and savory with dashes of pure fucking deliciousness. It’s magical.

With a healthy dollop on top of a cheddar-blanketed patty, the jam infiltrates your mouth with each bite and attacks every taste bud at once. And it’s not so much that it covers up the rest of the flavors– both the bun and the mellowness of the beef do a valiant job at balancing out the bite.

The thing that gets you, though, is the addictiveness of the jam. The second we were done with one mouthful, the next bite was all lined up and ready to go.

Bottom line: a bacon jam burger does not last long on the plate.

Keep in mind, this burger is not a regular menu item and when it does make an appearance, it’s limited. While we’ll do our best to give you the heads up the next time it shows its delicious face, keep watch on Mad Fox’s Twitter @madfoxbrewing or Facebook page to get the scoop from the source.
(For those without the patience to wait for Mad Fox’s bacon jam to reappear, Boundary Stone in Bloomingdale has a bacon jam and cheddar burger on the menu to keep you satisfied in the interim.)