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It’s been a while since we’ve been as excited about a local band as we are about BIG/BRIGHT. Their first song FRENCH DUDE was an instant earworm filled to the brim with catchy keys, French electro pop nods and more hooks than should be legal really, and we promptly booked them to play our big uncapped LIVE closing party, where we got a sampling of all the great, dancey things to come. And sure enough, this Saturday, they’re releasing debut EP @ RNR Hotel and well, you should go. They were kind enough to walk us through each song so you can get your weekend started the right way. ENJOY:

(oh yeah, and since they’re, in their own words, “slacking on getting some promo photos done”, I’ve punctuated this post with some of the most fun tumblr images I could locate, since that seemed appropriate)

French Dude

Adam (Keys/Guitar/Samples): This is the newest song on the EP, and the only one on the record that we wrote with our amazing bassist John Yeh, who joined the band about a year ago (we’ve been sitting on some of these songs for awhile). It’s my favorite track on the EP, the song that best incorporates all of our eclectic influences. It points in the direction that we’re going with our newer songs. It’s inspired by the band’s mutual love of funky bass lines, Michael Jackson and French House.
Chelsea (Vox): This song is memorable because it signals one of our first collaborative writing experiences as a band. We literally sat in Adam’s studio apartment and banged it out for several hours. It got pretty hairy, but we did the work and I think it turned out pretty good.


Chelsea: I wrote the lyrics for this on the Green Line on my way to work for some job I had downtown at the time. I always looked forward to reading Savage Love during that commute…it kept me sane. On this particular day Savage was really on a GGG (good, giving, game) tangent in that column… So I thought why not? I always liked the idea of reciprocity in relationships…So the song is about more than relations…it’s also about fairness.  However, one of my most awkward moments of the last couple of years when I had to explain what GGG actually meant, to my parents.
Adam: This is one of our oldest songs, starting out as a riff I wrote in college. It used to be a sloppier punk rock/synthpop thing, but we scrapped that initial demo and remixed it into the propulsive house-y version you hear today. This one is a lot of fun to play live — I love the high life guitars and the harmonica climax.


Josh (Vox/Keys): This was one written way back when just Adam and I were doing this as a bedroom electronic project. It’s the second song we ever wrote, and the first one we were really happy with. Adam sampled the drums from an Isaac Hayes track. Love the weird harmonics on the synth. Adam told me to go home and write some lyrics and wanted a specific sound with the melody. I went home and thought about a recent break up at the time, sang Adam what I had come up with, and it sort of came together pretty easily. In the end, it’s a nice mood change to the other songs we are making but still very reflective of our sound.

Anywhere (feat. Dmerit)

Adam: This started out as a remix for the local production duo Dmerit (who are now members of Volta Bureau, who have put out some amazing tracks on their soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/voltabureau). It was tough to figure out how to play this one live since its so heavily produced and has so many layers. Live, we strip it way down into a driving, afrobeat-influenced jam to close out our sets.
Chelsea: This song was supposed to be joke…now it’s a favorite when we perform live. The lyrics are actually inspired by a conversation between a Parent and their 4 year old child. It’s about cleaning. This how the conversation went:
Parent: Can you hand me (blank) from underneath your bed?
Child:  On top of the bed?
Parent:  No, under the bed.
Child:  On top of the bed??
Parent:  No, under the bed.
Child:  On top of the bed???
Parent:  No, under the bed!
Child:  Oh hell no.
Ha! That’s all there is to it.


Adam: The music for this track was inspired by an amazing Swedish electropop song by an artist named Familjen. Weird coincidence: the chords in the chorus sound like the same ones used by Cyndi Lauper’s Time after Time.

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