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by Shelly Bell

Miguel’s new hit “Adorn” from his sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream is #1 on Billboard charts for Hip-Hop/R&B airplay. The song has an 80’s R&B vibe with a nice melodic message. It’s enough to make you bop your head, sing along and want to see the video. The only thing more entertaining than Miguel’s new Bruno Mars meets Prince look is his choice in video production. Sometimes being bisexual is like seeing double. This video is the epitome of a hetero-homo combination. Everything here is left up to imagination which is exactly what Miguel was aiming for during production.

The video begins with Miguel’s voice stating that he is your subconscious while calming the listener with “don’t be afraid.” A “I spent a summer with a man” confession there would have just been fucking awesome, but I had to settle for bathroom stalls, a woman drinking from a water fountain and a closeup of Miguel’s stylish white socks in black shoes. I am a Miguel fan so I pay close attention to his moves and attempts to clone his musical influences. Director Jason Beattie follows Miguel’s imagination through a colorful, but dim lit abandoned building where a woman in a black veil, cheerleaders, and a gymnast are all either engaging in or running away from being adorned. It is difficult to tell which they favor. However, what is apparent is that the woman in the black veil, the abandoned building space, and the black leather jacket are all some variation of Prince’s video for his hit song “Kiss.”

The part of the video where Miguel makes a shooting gesture toward the screen did make me clutch my pearls! Did he just finger shoot the camera man?! Don’t let the hair fool you, Miguel is still an R&B thug. My favorite part of the video is where the cheerleader arches her arms, back, and leg in a kind of ballerina stance until she grabs her toes in her hand. I also dig the parts where Miguel is leaned on the car with his pelvic area thrusted forward with cool “come get me” kinda energy. The most gross part of this video is the close-ups on Miguel’s mouth. I am not sure if these were meant to be sexy or relate to adornment but I will pass. In a behind the scenes video Miguel explained that the video is a recreation of a dream he had where you know what’s happening but you don’t really know what it all means. Maybe this is one dream he just should have left on the nightstand in the journal.