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Better Biking is our new bike column by BicycleSPACE Marketing Manager Tony Pelton

I don’t often watch televised sports, and even rarer do I watch them in person. Cycling, skiing, and rock climbing are generally more fun to do than watch. And always as le Tour approaches, I can never get excited.

Every year I feebly try and catch the start, often missing it because I have errands to do — junk drawers to clean. Then, after a couple days, with some talk of the more exciting racers in the peloton, and maybe some ribbing from the shop employees, I’ll carve out some time one evening, buy myself a bottle of some European wine (red) and plunk down in front of the television and watch the 4th stage or something.

And damn, every time I fall in love with Le Tour. Watching men in lycra race at breakneck speeds is so exciting. The speed, the crashes, the personalities, and the beauty of the French countryside. This race pumps me up and makes me want to ride bikes all day long. Also, I’m lovin’ the fact that low fat chocolate milk is NBCSN’s big sponsor. Allez chocolate milk! You are milk’s criminally underrepresented younger brother (also, a health drink? What?) and it’s your time to shine.

This year has been crazy, with horrible weather, insane crashes—Chris Froome went down, like a million times or something—the loss of Contador due to a broken frame, badass, and an absolute ferocious win by the Dutchman Lars Boom on stage 5 (the day they lost to Argentina in the Cup.) Also, my bro Vincenzo Nibali (Ital) looks like he’s going to get the big W. Ciclo, l’Italia, il ciclo!