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Hey everyone! This week’s extended BEST WEEKEND BETS are, as always, hand selected from BYT ALL CITY and carefully calibrated for maximum fun and minimum stress, and will be punctuated with inspirational images of Anna Faris in the best holiday movie of all time. Yes, I’m talking about JUST FRIENDS. READY?

A COUPLE OF PSAs before we start:


  • ok-so the good news is: the city should be semi-dead. the bad news is: the city should be semi-dead. use this information wisely.
  • the H Street seems poppin’ (so to speak):
  • the spirit of Christmas is alive and well at RNR Hotel over 30 local musicians and poets will converge to ring in the Second Annual Modern Times Holiday Show. Proceeds will benefit The House of Ruth, a DC based charitable organization.
  • and over @ STICKY RICE, it is an UGLY EVERYTHING karaoke party. To quote: find the absolute most terrible Chrsitmas related item(s) you can find and show it off this Thursday When Sticky rice DC hosts the worst holiday party ever!!!!!!!!!
  • and in Adams Morgan- ALL THINGS GO continue their tradition of holiday themed jamborees @ Bourbon.
  • + other stuff




REMEMBER: THERE ARE A BAJILLION OTHER THINGS TO DO LISTED IN BYT ALL CITY, so use it (to both post your events and search for them) and if you think we may have missed something, comment away–you know you want to.

and a parting note: