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I don’t even know how it all started but whether through Libby or Lexie or the omni-power of the BYT intern brigade, yet, all I ever want to do these days is sit around and watch the British teenage series SKINS. A little “My So-Called Life”, a little “Us kids from the Zoo Station”, a little some other show/book/movie you loved when you were a teenager, plus starring a very believable teenage cast (unlike the teenage casts of US teen shows all of whom are as old as me) led by now somewhat disturbingly attractive Nicolas Hoult (last seen in a bowl cut in “About a Boy”) it is pretty much perfect TV.

Anyway, the weekend ahead goes out to them:

But of course, beforehand, check out: The Free Movie Guide, The Comedy Guide, The Style Guide and The Art Itinerary for assorted other things to do that don’t necessarily involve rock’n’roll but may very well include sex and drugz.




Since you are a responsible human with exams and clarinet recitals and maybe a baby on the way/sick boyfriend to worry about be classy tonight:


Start the night out @ Tibetan Twilight Party, proceed to our very own Family Hemerlein gathering at Warehouse Theatre and end with Wild North @ U Street Music Hall with maybe a Kaki King or Gold Motel Pit-stop in between.

Wear something sassy that will make people notice you, for the first time maybe:



You are in the middle of one of those “can’t live with them, can’t live without them” relationships that will never end well: final options include cheating (with best friends/people of the same sex preferably), marriage by elopement and/or being hit by a bus. But all will turn out ok since you bot have great bone structure and wear really well fitting clothes so you may as well make the most of this Friday:


Go to the Black Cat: Maybe hold-hands during the sold out Echo and the Bunnyman show while thinking how closely your life resembles “Donny Darko” or go dancing at Distract or meet up with your best gay friends and their somewhat creepy stalkers at BYT’s very own extra weird disco soiree “CHRISTMAS IN HEAVEN” at the Black Cat Backstage



Sure you seem like an evil/petulent/too pretty to be only 15 little slore but you love those that matter and know how to do a smoky eye really well and besides, why waste words on people who don’t deserve them? Tease your hair up, artfully rip up your stockings, and go to these things:


Mount Pleasant Music fest during daytime (there is a park, there are people, there is free music, what is not to love?), followed by any number of art events in the early evening (being there will make you seem older, more sophisticated), and finish up by making some seriously bad decisions at either FIXED @ U street Music Hall (Dave P is in town and he ALWAYS wants to make you dance) or KARIZMA @ LIV


Lexie said “Cassie is the change I want to see in the world” and while 2 weeks a go I would have ventured that the world does not necessarily need more anorexic/delusional/sex addicted nymphs running around in little slips, I am inclined to agree now. If you are running on fumes, but the fumes never seem to run out, it does not matter if it is Sunday or any other day.


Wear a sundress to Wonderland, make friends with clowns and artists at the Embassy of France,  dance to Mamma Mia with a thousand strangers in Dupont circle at 1pm, and finally sing your pop heart out during the Shout Out Louds show @ 930 club that night

You’re lovely.