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In honor of the  potentially life changing news that BEAVIS & BUTT-HEAD might be returning to television/internet with 30 new episodes……..


  • If I told my mother that I was going to see “Nuh Uh with Phil Real, Bloodmobile, Alvin Risk and Safe Sex at Velvet Lounge” I feel like she would start crying.


  • Skip work, get a tube, score some nachos and a camel back full of Jack Daniels then book it to Harper’s Ferry for a cruise on the lazy river.


  • If you want to talk about viruses, planets, and the Gaia Hypothesis DRUNK head over to Nerd Nite at DC9

  • Gavin Holland saves orphan kittens, Steve Starks looks like a beautiful gigolo,  and Nacey makes the most danceable remixes in town… which means there’s a man for everyone at U St Music Hall for Nouveau Riche.
  • No matter what you do tonight, make sure you find a designated driver to take you late night to Paradox in Baltimore for Ultra Nate’s Deep Sugar, this month Deep Sugar doubles as Chris Burns’ EP release party for “Third Degree” with DJs Teddy Douglas and Soulgiver.


Where are you going to watch the World Cup Finals?

  • Or if you don’t care, sit at home and watch Beavis & Butthead all day long

For more fun….. head on over to BYT ALLCITY and build your weekend.