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After last week, when ALL WEEK WAS A WEEKEND, now you finally have something to celebrate. And what you may ask?
That you worked to live, not lived to work, dammit!

Anyhoo…providing we are alive come tonight check, these thingamajigs out.
(many other, and awesome options available as always in the ever expanding calendar, as well as in the comments you leave)

oh and as always, pay attention to all the free movies, and stylishness around you.



Rock my Religion is playing for free at the Reynold center today. SEE IT.
As every last Thursday of the month we recommend you go to Bourbon and relive honest 80s with “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” director Jeff Krulik at Modernist Society (no free cocktails this time around but 2 dollar beers and dancing all night.). Also, a weekend of funny kicks of with both Amy Sedaris and Jim Gaffigan being in town.
Oh yeah, and if you have MIA tickets – half of DC is (rightfully) jealous.


Start out with some art (and free wine) and then proceed to either:
a. Ra Ra Rasputin /Footballers/Nouveau Riche/Four Fifty One show @ The Hosiery (which many a BYT contributor is involved in, one way or another)
b. Ra Ra Riot show @ The RNR (which also features Jukebox the Ghost and BYT favorites These United States)
c. dance the night away

Oh yeah, and MIA is at Sonar tonight


The Wag always has potential. Murky Upstairs is doing their all-ages show thing with Paul Michel, Tereu Tereu and the amazingly named Carlos, I’m Pregnant! but for my money (if not my laziness) this Bump’n’Grindhouse Burlesque Show at Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse looks pretty outstandingly awesome. Though it being at midnight should allow you to hustle to a few other places beforehand.


and more.