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Good Morning everyone! This week’s edition BEST WEEKEND BETS is, as always, hand selected from BYT ALL CITY and calibrated for maximum fun and minimum stress, and since The Association of Writers & Writing Programs Annual Conference is in DC this weekend it will be punctuated by pictures of some of my fav books I read last year.




  • Everyone is invited to be a part of BYT’s Valentines Day photo shoot!  RSVP right nowDo itNowGo.  It’ll be fun.
  • Then run over to Transformer cause this exhibit opening looks really rad (1pm-7pm with an artist talk at 2pm)
  • After that, do yourself a favor and go to one of the best things to ever happen in Arlington – the Found Footage Festival.  This time they’re celebrating the 25th anniv of Heavy Metal Parking Lot with a special screening, so yeah, awesomeness.  Check out this old interview with the FFF dorks here to see why this is so great and check out this new interview with the Heavy Metal Parking Lot director here!
  • Really nothing else better than those options, sorry.
  • Actually I like this band Class Actress who is playing at the Red Palace, listen to this cool song here.


  • Chromeo is sold out on Saturday, but as of right now there are still some tix left for Sunday.  And read this awkward interview with them here.
  • Other than that…
  • Catch up on Friday Night Lights on Netflix Instant
  • Play StarCraft II
  • Tell a friend about BYT
  • Finally get that renter’s insurance
  • Come out of the religion closet and tell your parents you’re an atheist
  • Check out the books I posted here
  • Pick out what you’re gonna wear for all the pre-vday byt events

Ok! Let us know if we missed something in the comments, and remember- BYT ALL CITY HAS TONS MORE OPTIONS and posting on it is not only free but pretty goshdarn easy too.