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We write the exact same intro to Best Thanksgiving Weekend Bets every year, so lets keep up with the tradition:

Truth be told, Thanksgiving is a huge going out weekend in DC. Sure, a lot of people leave, but also, a lot of people arrive back so it is time for reunions, running away from the family and dancing those stuffing calories off. (assuming you care about calories to begin with)
So, here is a schedule to be thankful for the next few days (many other options available IN BYT ALL CITY, or in the comments you leave me)

This week’s edition will be punctuated by images of Wednesday Addams because, at Camp Chippewa, no one did a better job of honoring the holiday


Basically, this is your Friday so treat yourself to a nice but not overwhelming night out:


  • Ok, so you’re going to eat and nap your way through the day and we hope that you have arranged for an adequately all-american entertainment marathon in between. This year, we’re personally going with: Dinasty Season 1, The Expendables (just out on DVD yesterday), some John Waters lite (we’re leaning towards “Cry Baby”), anything with Ryan Reynolds, nothing with Scarlett Johansson, and maybe some “Single White Female” to help digest all that stuffing
  • Bars wise, Little Miss Whiskey’s is hosting a potluck/ Saints watching party
  • Black Cat’s red room opens @ 9pm
  • and everyone chills the eff out @ 930 club with Donavon Frankenreiter and Ximena Sarinena (We’re giving tickets away to this, btw)
  • + check out Daniella’s awesome tip sheet to eating out today


  • Ok, so-one thing we know we’re not doing today is shopping. Nothing worse than the mass exodus to some mall where you get to waste 3 hours of your life but save 20 bucks. But, if you insist – do it in museum shops (we recommend the Corcoran and the National Building Museum ones for both your own and your present giving needs)
  • Maybe see a movie? Both BURLESQUE! (Cher is Back! or so my Vanity Fair cover tells me) and LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS are out, and look good/hilarious?
  • AT NIGHT! Take a break from nothing but American celebrations all week with the US Department of Bhangra @ The Black Cat
  • have a splash of burlesque with your nostalgia jams @ The Red Palace
  • or join the scream-along to all your favorite 90s hits that NO SCRUBS is going to be


OK-so you’ve been partying for days now and you’re tired, we understand (Hell, I’m getting kind of exhausted just typing all of this) . Still, you’re only young once (or so they’ve told us) so pick yourself up and power through. BUT! the options are strong and include:


Seems like a nice gallery stroll day:


Next week we have 2 of our favorite events happening, so make sure you buy your tickets for:

LET US KNOW WHAT WE MISSED. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!