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The weekend is young, and, rumor has it, so are you. Yes, even you. Here is what we thing you should do about it (+inspirational hot weather music)

And remember-there is so much more at BYTALLCITY

Thursday (Svetlana’s Picks)

Offers up a surprisingly strong show showing, with a little something for everyone:

Movie fans can pick between:

For those looking to dance AND late night eat:

Inspirational song of the sunshiny variety of the day:

(bonus: download it here)

Friday (Cale’s Picks)

  • Seriously, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out One Man Lord of the Rings at Woolly Mammoth Theater.
  • The always popular and always packed Hirshhorn After Hours party makes you feel like you’re doing something cultural when you’re really just getting drunk at a super sweet outdoor space.  This time it’s gonna be totally gay with BYT favs DJ Matt Bailer and Shea Van Horn and a premier of a digital short featuring Shea’s alter-ego Summer Camp with original music by Bluebrain.  It’s like a BYT lightning bolt just exploded in my pants.
  • But wait, there’s more, if sexy boys scare you, then head to Jimmy Valentines for the premiere of BROADS, the new DJ night hosted by BYT’s own Libby.  Expect some really great music DJ’d very very unprofessionally and all the ladies drunk by 10pm.  Once again, lightning bolts in the pants.
  • And if none of that sounds like your thing, then head over to the Rock & Roll Hotel where everyone and their mom are DJing and there are some open bar ticket specials for their Summer’s Eve Party.

Inspirational video of the sunshiny variety of the day:

Saturday (Libby’s Picks)

  • HEALTH, my favorite pretentious L.A. stoner noise rock band (each member with an 18 year-old girlfriend featured in their videos), play the Rock and Roll Hotel with Yip Yip and True Womanhood.
  • The Embassy of Finland and the Textile museum get hip with their textile performance event presented by INTERWOVEN.

Inspirational video of the sunshiny variety of the day:


Sunday (Svetlana again)

The summer is in full swing and hotter than got. Here is what I recommend:

Inspirational Video of the Sunshiny variety of the day:


You’re all set, aren’t you?