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Jane Fonda edition.

If there is one person who has adapted to (while molding) the American Landscape as iconically as possible over the decades-than that is Jane Fonda. Exploited babe, Activist, Actress, Aerobics instructor, Trophy Wife, nemesis to Lohans and Lopez’s….from political to Hollywood parties- the woman personifies the American dream of being whatever you want to be, whenever you want to be. And never having to compromise a good haircut for it. So-lets have her lead us through the miracle that is this 4TH OF July Weekend.


All these options AND MORE, are available in the new jazzy BYTALLCITY CALENDAR which I recommend you start using all the time.


Start your THURSDAY out feeling like a young ingenue, ready to be corrupted by a marginally talented European director who will make you wear metal corsets and furry boots and massage people in baththubs, all in the name of “art”. Later, you can always tell yourself that since Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve fell into the same trap, it’s sort of ok.

Options for metal corset wearing today include:

and finally-everyone ends up at ECHO. You know, just to seal the deal.

It is FRIDAY, and, DAMMIT, you want to be taken seriously! Get a severe haircut, star in a movie as a hooker with a heart of gold, (and really good backless dresses), get nominated for an Oscar, march in the name of something, get arrested, reconsider haircut. We’ve all been there.

Options for quality entertainment include:

Also-naps and prep for


Much like Jane Fonda’s career, it is important to keep a healthy mix of classy and campy. So-put on a swimsuit and brave

  • a free Saturday @ The Corcoran. The Chuck Close show just opened, and you want to be the person that tells people to see it as opposed to being the person who “is trying to see it”. PROACTIVENESS.
  • Then-COME TO COWBOY CAMP. We’re super excited about this edition of summer camp because it involves some of our favorite people in DC DJing, A MECHANICAL BULL, people in hilarious swimsuits (that would be you) and all our interns being forced to wear outfits from CRACK’s Western show. Be there. Celebrate America and Jane Fonda as Cat Ballou with us.

Afterwards- dance @ Mass Appeal, rock out @ The Shirks, enjoy Americana at it’s finest with Juston Stens (ex-Dr.Dog) @ Red’n’Black and Delta Spirit (with Ezra Furhman) @ 930 Club, be civilized at EXQUISITE Party @ Civilian


Happy 4th of July America! Wake up-do some aerobics, marry a billionaire and start partying with the stars of tomorrow (maybe at the Big Boom party at  U Hall? Maybe in someone’s back yard? Who care-you don’t have to work tomorrow). If Jane can do it-well, maybe you can too. Inspirational imagery: