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It is the weekend before SXSW which is the weekend before WMC which is the weekend before you die and no bands are in DC but for the time being we should embrace the benefits of everyone being on the road and stopping by the club near you. Just take it all, greed, after all, I’ve been told-IS GOOD. (hopefully that Wall street sequel is too, though I’m not holding my Shia breath)


Before we start though, lets take a gander through all sorts of specialiazed event guides BYT does these days, ALMOST like a real newspaper operation or something:

Below, we will deal ONLY with excess.


Then watch yourself be spoiled for show choice:

Then- Wear nothing but your Calvins and party like it’s 1994 at Peach Pit.

Create nothing, own:


  • Matt Hemerlein is (well deservedly) being filmed for a BBC special. Be part of history, or at least TV tonight @ SOVA
  • Everyone and their hipster and blipster best friend will be at the Suckers/Laughing Man show @ Black cat
  • Kudos to PHASE 1 for being the most honest bar in DC, even after 40 years: SLUT NIGHT is tonight.

Influence people, get quotes:


This particular Saturday has 20+ events listed on the BYT calendar which is obviously, excessive and no matter how hard you try, you cannot beat the system. So here is what we suggest:

  • Go to Bored of Trade, buy some awesome vintage clothes/earrings/headbands so you know you’re looking good no matter where you end up

As for that part, lets see:

and finally, just when you thought there is nowhere to go to late the  411 LOFT bonanza is in full swing

Objectively speaking, if your parents named you Bud Fox, you lost your battle before you even knew it:


While I am exhausted just by typing about Saturday, let alone living through it, you’d be a damn fool if you didn’t at least consider:

And don’t let anyone eat your lunch.

Leave comments with things you think we missed, or something.