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My aim is to make sure you’re happy. And by happy I mean well fed, well imbibed and ready to make some horrible decision that will make a great story later on, after the pain fades away. And there WILL BE pain, trust me.

So, here is our handy guide to the weekend’s finest chaos on hand.
Other options available on the calendar, which I really recommend you use. And use often.
(suggestions also welcome)



As is the grand Thursday tradition, kick off with some free snacks and culture/design: Sugar is Hosting its Fall Bash and the Corcoran is having an exhibit party. And the All Roads Festival is Opening.
Not to mention that the millitant kickball hater in you can attend the First DieYuppieKickball.com Initiation Meeting. Now, we’ve eaten crabs with these people, they’re nowhere near as scary, and way more loud than you think. Hop to it.

Then for music two good choices, hard to pick one, but you may have to:
The Blow takes the Cat and Matthew Dear is at RNR. I’d hate to be you and have to choose.
And if you choose not to choose, just run over to the land of gold wallpaper and champagne cocktails and dance to whatever Chris Burns is spinning at Discotheque at Napoleon. Last time he played Imagination we had to tie Cale to a chair he was so ready to spin out of control.


Sort of classy.
In the right hand corner we have Jenna Bush lip-syncs to a book tape at Politics & Prose and Goethe institut is showing “Jesus Camp” (aka scariest movie EVER, mainly because its real) and over more left at Hirshhorn CRAP kids take over After Hours. Considering that Crap always sells out, and that Hirshhorn after hours always sells out-good luck. And be there early.

Alternatively: Brunettes and Fairland Parkway are playing RNR and we still have some tickets to give away. You know you want them.


Gypsy Eyes records is hosting a DC Public library fund raiser at 930. All local hero line up, all good cause. Be there.


Wake up to the Arena Stage Costume sale for those hard to find girdle dresses and embroidered slippers and then at night go to:

1. The double whammy of Voxtrot/The Little Ones upstairs and The Wag downstairs at the Cat.


2. Transatlantic at DC9 featuring every awesome person in the tri-state area (DJ People’s champion/Cory is spinning, Glamour and Lismore, both of whom look AMAZING are playing live and DURKL boys are hosting).
I heard rumors of freeze pops. And I want to beleive them.

Also Iceland is in town


as slow and certain death sets in remember…Iceland is still in town
as are the Two Gallants and Blitzen Trapper at the Hotel and the always entertaining Big Business at The Cat.

also, it has JUST NOW come to my attention that Monday is Columbus day which apparently some people have off (I don’t, because I am a winner) which technically makes this a 4 day weekend and as such that means that on Sunday there is Taint at DC9

and that on


you should go and see some shows.

namely the local band bonanza (Bellman Barker, Len Bias…) at DC9 to benefit Dedric Helger or go see Klaxons and Washington Social Club at 930. Just don’t be blinded by all the nu rave, promise?

now go, and preemptively apologize to your liver.

and this week’s inspiration image comes courtesy of some crunch:
feeling is believing.