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It’s the end of September and the beginning of October. It’s still too damn hot this week.

Every Thursday at 9 a.m (sometimes sooner) we mail you our Best Weekend Bets. Best Weekday Bets are similar to our Best Weekend Bets but longer because we pretend Thursday is a weekday.

CULTURE: Learn about “the other founders” at Bier Baron‘s Professors & Pints talk. History really is a mystery.

FILM: Catch a screening of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Cucumber Castle at Smoke & Barrel.

FOOD + DRINK: It’s your last day to enjoy National Bourbon Heritage month at America Eats.

FREE: We’re also hosting a free Heineken Oktoberfest happy hour at Due South Dockside. Come have a beer with us.

MUSIC: Dean Lewis and Scott Helman play the 9:30 Club. Those sure are names.

STAGE: Jam out to some Cuban fusion music with Sintesis at Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage.

STAY IN: Pour yourself a glass of wine and look at these dog photos. That’s your evening.


CULTURE: Marvin is hosting a silent auction featuring art made by people in the service industry. Go get a new piece of art for your home, grab a quick flash tat from the folks at Electric Cat Scratch and have some mezcal.

FILM: The New York Cat Film Festival is back. You know you want to watch some cat movies.

FOOD + DRINK: Kith/Kin celebrates their second anniversary with a late night African market featuring entertainment and food from the chefs behind ChiKo, Maketto, Sweet Home Cafe, Cane and more.

FREE: The folks behind the record label This Could Go Boom! and local band The OSYX host a talk at the Hirshhorn about gender equality in the music industry.

MUSIC: Tiger Army, Sadgirl and Kate Clover are at Black Cat.

OUTSIDE: Head on over to Nats Park and sit in the sunshine with you watch the Nationals play.

STAGE: Down a burger at Slash Run and stay to watch Judy & The Jerks, Holographic and Holy Child.

STAY IN: Welcome to Halloween month babies! Let’s kick things off with something fun, The Perfection is streaming on Netflix and it is wild ride.

CULTURE: Watch some of your favorite D.C. bartenders duke it out at Tilt’s Queen Bee Battle.

FILM: Suns Cinema screens the uncut gore edition of Tammy and the T-Rex. What a time.

FOOD & DRINK: The… Interestingly named restaurant I’m Eddie Canno celebrates their first anniversary with $2 glasses of Prosecco and a complimentary buffet.

FREE: Dive into the future at Politics & Prose‘s author talk featuring Susan Schneider (Artificial You: AI and the Future of Your Mind) and Flynn Coleman (A Human Algorithm).

MUSIC: Dance the night away to Hell, Mizmor and Ilsa at Atlas Brew Works.

STAGE: Swing by the 9:30 Club to catch Joseph and Deep Sea Diver.

STAY IN: Let’s amp things up by watching Annihilation (a true sci-fi horror extravaganza) on Amazon Prime.

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