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Is everyone else in D.C. sick? At least three people in the BYT office are sick. If things seem weird on the website, that’s why. It’s the fever hallucinations. (JK it’s just a cold we’re… probably fine.)

Every Thursday at 9 a.m we mail you our Best Weekend Bets. Best Weekday Bets are similar to our Best Weekend Bets but they’re longer.

ACTIVE: Do some yogurt on a farm or something.

CULTURE: Check out LA Johnson’s killer exhibition Future Ghosts at the Lost Origins Gallery. See what I did there?

FILM: We’re hosting a free screening of Love, Gilda at Atlantic Plumbing. It’s going to make you laugh and cry.

FOOD + DRINK: Get drunk on pisco at China Chilcano. It doesn’t matter that it’s Monday. We won’t tell anyone.

FREE: If you liked Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Caitlyn Doughty or Stiff by Mary Roach or the entirety of the Mutter Museum, you’ll love the Death Cafe. It’s always free. Just like death.

MUSIC: Nerd the hell out and head to DC9 for Bit Brigade’s performance of The Legend of Zelda. There is a dude in the band whose job is to speed run the game while the band plays the soundtrack. You truly do learn something new every day. 

OUTSIDE: Take a break and go on a walk. Learn somethings. Be a tourist in your city for a couple of minutes.

STAGE: The fictional character Creed Bratton from The Office is at Union Stage. Make what you will with that information.

STAY IN: Crawl into your bed, watch the new season of Bojack Horseman and feel feelings.

ACTIVE: Jump up and down and yell and watch other people be active at the Caps vs. Bruins game.

CULTURE: Three of our favorite institutions in D.C., DCPL, the Portrait Gallery and Smithsonian are banding together for a night of discussions about the year 1968. This weeks discussion is about Jimmi Hendrix. Hell yeah.

FILM: Bistro Bohem is screening the Czech film Cosy Dens. Grab a beer, order some bratwurst and get cosy with this political drama.

FOOD + DRINK: One of our favorite restaurants is hosting a beer dinner with one of our long time favorite breweries. Head to Zaytinya and see your old friend Bell’s Brewery in a new light.

FREE: Head over to Rhizome and do some musical meditation. It won’t cure your cold, but it will make you feel better. Probably. We’re not doctors.

MUSIC: Bounce up and down to your favorite boozy druggy slacker surf band, FIDLAR at the 9:30 Club. Show up early for Dilly Dally. We love them too.

OUTSIDE: Go run with the aptly named Free Run Club.

STAGE: Folger Theatre’s Macbeth is very sold out, but it’s so good, we do recommend calling the box office to see if they have any standing tickets. It’s that good.

STAY IN: We’re reading Stephen King’s The Outsider and it has some fantastic true crime storylines. Read it while the weather is still warm. King books are better in the summer.

ACTIVE: Is your entire paycheck going toward Outdoor Voices? Same! Fuel your athleisure addiction at The Line Hotel‘s rooftop HIIT class. Did we mention there will be OV gift cards?

CULTURE: Catch some sick photography from Stop Motion at Dodge City.

FILM: If you care about economics or the future, catch the Austrian-German Free Lunch Society at the Austrian Cultural Forum.

FOOD + DRINK: Go to BLT Steak and eat their fancy steakhouse burgers. We love a good burger.

FREE: Head to Politics & Prose to hear author Olivia Liang talk about her new book Crudo.

MUSIC: Childish Gambino is at the Capital One Arena. We saw him at the Black Cat in 2011 and we can’t stop thinking about how absolutely wild his career has been.

OUTSIDE: Take a tour of the Botanic Garden‘s medicinal plant section. Maybe they have something there that will cure our wild sinus problems. It truly feels like my sinuses are trying to crawl out of my face and start a new home somewhere else. Please send help.

STAGE: Go see Gloria at Woolly Mammoth. It’ll make you laugh, even if you don’t want to laugh.

STAY IN: Watch Homicide Hunter on ID and then buy tickets to see Joe Kenda at our true crime podcast. You know Homicide Hunter. It’s great.

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