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If you’re hearing fireworks this week, you are not dead from a fireworks accident over the Independence Day holiday weekend. If you’re hearing fireworks this week, you live in a city and it was overcast on July 4 so people are blowing up stuff the week after July 4.

Every Thursday at 9 a.m (sometimes sooner) we mail you our Best Weekend Bets. Best Weekday Bets are similar to our Best Weekend Bets but longer because we pretend Thursday is a weekday.

CULTURE: We love Wimbledon. If you need a smaller version of paddle sports, we’re recommending the annual SPINBLEDON at Spin. It’s billed as, “A No-Holds Barred Ping Pong Tournament: For Spectators & Players Alike.” No-holds barred ping pong!

FILM: Suns screens Set It Off.

FOOD & DRINK: If you’re also a fan of the Impossible Burger, you’ll be interested in tonight’s Profs & Pints at La Pop: “A History of Meat Mimicry.”

Read our Sad Girl Taste Test on The Impossible Slider from White Castle. Is it what you crave?

FREE: Watch This is Spinal Tap at Slash Run. It has aged remarkably well.

MUSIC: The very good Potty Mouth headline Comet Ping Pong. Get there early for Colleen Green and Bacchae.

Read our interview with Potty Mouth from earlier this year.

STAY IN:ย Go outside then inside to visit the National Building Museum’s new massive exhibit: Lawn.

CULTURE: Do some Glow Yoga on the National Mall with DC Fray.

FILM: We recommend a lot of outdoor screenings and they tend to be comedies or superhero movies. That changes with romance film Under the Tuscan Sun at Georgetown Waterfront Park. Diane Lane, FTW.

FOOD & DRINK: We like The Jester King Beast Feast atย B Side. Read more about it in Draft Picks: July’s Best Beer Events.

MUSIC: Anyone want to pick me up in their Dragula and take me to and from Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson at Royal Farms Arena? Anyone? Anyone out there with a working Dragula?

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OUTSIDE: Anyone want to pick me up in their Dragula and take me to and from the final outdoor Can I Kick It? (a DJ live scores a film) of the summer in Freedom Plaza? Their Marvel series ends with Captain Marvel. Anyone out there with a working Dragula? “Dragula” was released in 1998 and Captain Marvel is set in the mid 90s so I figure someone out there might have a working Dragula and an interests in Captain Marvel.

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STAGE: Anyone want to pick me up in their Dragula and take me to and from Story District’s “Wildin’ Out” show at Black Cat? It’s stories about acting up and causing trouble. You know who doesn’t act up and cause trouble? Rob Zombie. No artist that headlines arenas and makes major motion pictures has the time to act up and cause trouble. He is a responsible man.

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STAY IN: Anyone want to pick me up in the Dragula and drive me around the block before and after we watch mid90s in Amazon Prime? Those mid90s kids didn’t listen to White Zombie or Rob Zombie but they sure did drive dangerously.

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CULTURE: See a dance battle in a big theater. Bring It! Live: The Dance Battle Tour is at Warner Theatre.

FILM: I, Tonya is the outdoor movie tonight in NoMa. More rated R outdoor movies, please.

FOOD & DRINK: Another good mid-week beer event is the Ruby Sunrise release atย Ocelot Brewing.

FREE:ย You know how our license plates reads, “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”? That’s not good. Try to get hopeful about one day having that representation at The Progressive Rally For Statehood at Eaton Hotel.

MUSIC: Nick Murphy, FKA Chet Faker, headlines 9:30 Club.

STAGE: Enjoy Lydia Ainsworth at DC9. Read our recent interview with Ainsworth and watch her “Can You Find Her Place” video.

STAY IN: Buy the next round of Death Becomes Us tickets!

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Correction: We originally stated the Potty Mouth show is at Songbyrd. It’s not. It’s at Comet Ping Pong.