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The rain is here (and so is Castle Rock).

Every Thursday at 9 a.m we mail you our Best Weekend Bets. Best Weekday Bets are similar to our Best Weekend Bets but they’re longer.

ACTIVE: If you’re willing to travel to Temple Hills, Maryland there’s an emoji themed skate party at the Temple Hills Skating Center. If you wear emoji apparel, you get in for free. I think the people watching here might be better than the skating, but who can say?

CULTURE: Kevin O’Leary (AKA Mr. Wonderful) is coming to the Trump Hotel and tickets are free. We don’t actually recommend you patronize the Trump Hotel, but 1. You’re an adult who can do whatever you want and 2. This seemed too weird not to mention.

FILM: The Washington Psychotronic Film Society is screening The Wild East. I would attempt to describe the movie, but there’s so much happening.

FOOD + DRINK: If you’re in the industry, drink all of the Lustau and Campari at The Passenger‘s industry brunch.

FREE: Head to Politics & Prose to hear author Onnesha Roychoudhuri talk about her book The Marginalized Majority.

MUSIC: Sleep is performing their album Holy Mountain at the 9:30 Club. Get ready for the contact high.

OUTSIDE: Do some outdoor drinking, so you can easily transition indoor drinking as soon as it starts to rain.

STAGE: Hang out with some cool babies at tonight’s Fort Reno show (assuming it won’t get rained out).

STAY IN: Watch The Shining. It’s available online somewhere.

ACTIVE: Combine your love of biking, cheap beer and cheap pizza at City Bikes pizza ride.

CULTURE: Head to the Museum of Natural History for a special lecture all about whales. We’re counting this as culture because they’re bound to mention Blackfish and Free Willy. Remember when everyone was obsessed with Blackfish? It was just okay.

FILM: Catch the French New Wave classic Masculin Féminin at Colony Club. Your film nerd friends will pretend to be unimpressed because they’re really more into Czech New Wave anyway, but you’ll have a good time.

FOOD + DRINK: Jug & Table is celebrating their patio opening, but since it’s probably going to rain, we recommend El Centro’s National Tequila Day celebrations as a back up.

FREE: Climb the National Cathedral‘s bell tower and soak in the beautiful view of our city being pelted by rain.

MUSIC: Courtney Barnett is at The Anthem. You already know if you like Courtney Barnett or not. I shouldn’t have to explain this to you.

OUTSIDE: Take your kid / a kid to the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. In the rain.

STAGE: It’s your last week to soak in the weirdness that is Capital Fringe Fest.

STAY IN: Watch Carrie. It’s available online somewhere.

ACTIVE: Slash Run is hosting a punk workout night called Mosh Fit. As soon as you’re done working out, you can walk five feet to the bar and order a burger. That’s our kind of work out.

CULTURE: Hit up the National Building Museum for some late night Fun House action.

FILM: Pharaoh Haqq presents White Dog at Suns Cinema.

FOOD + DRINK: Eat like a person on a sinking ship at National Geographic’s Taste of Titanic food event.

FREE: Don’t want to spend money to see Fun House at night? Go during the day. For free.

MUSIC: Fantastic Negrito is at Sixth & I. We’re big fans of him and his opening band Oh He Dead.

OUTSIDE: Learn about the history of the Botanical Gardens. Bring an umbrella.

STAGE: Sick of hearing about Hamilton? Hit up Scribe Night at The Pinch.

STAY IN: Now that you’ve watched two of the most popular movies based on stories by Stephen King, stay in and watch Castle Rock. It’ll be fun. Probably.

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