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You know that week between Christmas and New Year’s when some of your friends are off work and some work everyday and some are out of town and some are hosting a dozen people in their group house? This is the summer version of that week.

Every Thursday at 9 a.m we mail you our Best Weekend Bets. Best Weekday Bets are similar to our Best Weekend Bets but they’re longer. There’s more stuff to do on the weekend. Except this week. There’s more stuff to do because people like to watch explosions on Wednesday.

ACTIVE: Find out if you have what it takes to be a badass on wheels at the DC Rollergirls open house.

CULTURE: Visit the recently opened baseball exhibit at the Library of Congress, Baseball Americana. This a very patriotic thing to do the week of July 4 that does not involve explosions or encased meat. If you go to a baseball game and home team player hits a home run you most likely will see fireworks and you’ll definitely smell the cooking of encased meats.

The image below if a spray chart manager Cardinals Whitey Herzog used for Dodger Eddie Murray in 1989 and 1990. This is before every at bat was available to everyone online (if you’re still reading and have no idea what I’m talking about, think of Moneyball, which is all about sabermetrics and sabermetrics is the entire foundation of FiveThirtyEight, so while it may seem silly that a grown man wearing a baseball uniform is using colored pencils to draw hits it’s actually informs how we look at all data). This illustration shows the planning each manager used to gain an advantage on the field. It’s beautiful and kinda looks like spiral art.

Whitey Herzog (b. 1931). Batting chart for Eddie Murray, 1989–1990. Courtesy of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (098.00.00)

All of this baseball stuff around town is because the MLB All Star Game is coming to Nats Park July 17. Expect a lot of baseball and baseball related programs around town the next few weeks. Even if you don’t think this is important, know the Metro is staying open late to accommodate the game and the home run derby. The home run derby!

FILM: The winner of the  Special Jury Award at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, Three Identical Strangers, screens at the DCJCC.

FOOD + DRINK: Go to Pappe. We loved it.

FREE: Hang out in Black Cat’s Red Room for the Geeks OUT DC happy hour.

MUSIC: We like Hotel Neon, Welch & Oshima, and Low Red Moon at Rhizome.

OUTSIDE: Watch Brazil vs. Mexico and Belgium vs. Japan outside at Wunder Garten. We’re rooting for Mexico.

STAGE: Save some money before wasting money on explosions and head to Moreland’s Tavern for Humans Telling Jokes. Free.

STAY IN: Jurassic Park is now on Netflix. You still like that one.

ACTIVE: Dance until 4 a.m. at Decade’s Pre Independence Day party.

CULTURE: Begin your patriotic celebrations with a drag bingo fundraiser for the Gay Games at Nellie’s.

FILM: Begin your patriotic celebrations with a late night screening of The First Purge.

FOOD + DRINK: The USA does not have a presence in the World Cup. We do have embassies of countries in the World Cup. Head to The Beer Garden at Kingbird Terrace, it’s part of the Watergate Hotel, to watch Sweden vs. Switzerland wth the Embassy of Sweden and the Embassy of Switzerland.

FREE: Watch Romeo Must Die outside in Freedom Plaza and think of “Never Let Me Down.”

MUSIC: Celebrate D.C. with Rare Essence at The Hamilton.

OUTSIDE: Another baseball pick! The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs take on the Somerset Patriots. Stay after the game for their Fourth of July warm up fireworks spectacular! Unearned fireworks! Earned fireworks are fireworks that follow home runs.

STAGE: The Capital Fourth Concert, the concert broadcast live on PBS on July 4, has a free open rehearsal July 3. Way fewer people, same amount of John Stamos.

Image result for john stamos america gif

STAY IN: Begin your patriotic celebrations watching Zodiac on Amazon Prime.

Look at our Fourth of July Guide! All your D.C. and near D.C. options to watch fireworks, drink drinks on special, eat food on special and eat and drink while watching fireworks.

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