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Welcome to the last 3 days of January! Remember your resolution?

Every Thursday at 9 a.m we mail you our Best Weekend Bets. Best Weekday Bets are for people that want to do fun things during the first part of the week.

We’re giving you 9 options each day to make sure you don’t have an uneventful night. Unless you want an uneventful night. That’s why we’re giving some staying in picks.

ACTIVE: The DC Auto Show in in the Convention Center. We’re including it in Active since there are two tracks open to the public. If you want your heart rate to double, drive the Land Rover at 1 mph on a track that will make you question gravity and balance. It’s terrifying. There’s also a Jaguar course. You go much faster on that but you’ll never feel like you’re going to flip over. 

CULTURE: If you’re interested in what it takes to succeed in the D.C. food scene, we’re recommending Conversations With Women Who Lead: Food Edition at the Reagan Building. Carla Hall gives the keynote remarks and Washington City Paper Food Editor Laura Hayes leads a panel discussion

FILM: The Charles in Baltimore screens Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1955 film Bob Le Flambeur. The poster is beautiful.


FOOD + DRINK: The Hilton Brothers’ new bar, Gaslight Tavern, opens tonight. Right off U at 2012 9th St NW, the former row house stands out from other nearby establishments. Multiple fireplaces, vintage photographs, very current wallpaper, indoor/outdoor patio space and custom stools give it a very old and modern feel.


FREE: BYT is big fans of murder mystery. We write a lot about the murder side. We are interested in the mystery side. East City Bookshop hosts The Art of Mystery: The Search for Questions by Maud Casey in conversation with Josh Tyree tonight at 6:30 p.m. Free.

MUSIC: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club plays rock and roll in black metal jackets at 9:30 Club.

OUTSIDE: Last chance to play? participate? curl? at Curling & Cocktails on The Wharf. It won’t be cold enough to stand on ice much longer.

STAGE: It’s Industry Night for The Skin of Our Teeth at Constellation. If you’re an actor, director, designer, technician, writer, or administrator tickets are only $10. Read our review of the play. We really enjoyed it.

STAY IN: LCD Soundsystem won one of the Grammy’s Awards that weren’t televised. Watch their cringe worthy 2012 documentary Shut Up And Play The Hits, currently available for free on Amazon Prime.

ACTIVE: If the State of the Union makes you want to get out of D.C. but you can’t get out of D.C. on a Tuesday, head to REI for their map and compass navigation basics class.

CULTURE: American Ballet Theatre premieres Whipped Cream at the Kennedy Center. The description sounds fun: In this wondrous confection, a young boy overindulges at a pastry shop and falls into a whimsical delirium. Princess Praline and her court race to the rescue, all concluding with a festive celebration!

Who doesn’t like festive celebrations?

FILM: The Young Karl Marx plays at the DCJCC. It’s the next film from  I Am Not Your Negro director Raoul Peck.

FOOD + DRINK: Tonight is the State of the Union. It’s this city’s Super Bowl. We’re not saying that’s a good thing, but it is a thing. We’re recommending the Lady Parts Justice DC watch party at The Wonderland Ballroom since it’s far enough from the Capitol to avoid Capitol Hill types and not suburban enough to attract Capitol Hill types.

FREE: Christopher Kimball, the guy in the bow tie that used to be on America’s Test Kitchen, is at Politics and Prose at The Wharf. I do not like him but I really like his recipes.

MUSIC: The Nude Party is a great or horrible band name but their music is just good. Their sound is rollicking, head nodding southern rock. If you’re a fan of Nuggets, you’ll like these guys. It’s not nostalgia, but it’s cognizant of why they sound how they sound. They’re at DC9 with Tomato Dodgers and Humbalaya.

OUTSIDE: State of the Union means protests of the State of the Union.

STAGE: The Little Salon is a variety show that features paintings, music, poetry and fiction readings in a house, rather than theater or bar. This edition is sold-out but they do have a waiting list. A good escape from the State of the Union.

STAY IN: Watch Planet Earth II and remember that not everything is politics.

ACTIVE: In our never ending quest to get you to stretch in places not thought of as stretching places, we’re recommending Yoga in the Galleries at the American University Museum.

CULTURE: All guns should be illegal but that’ll never happen so like minded people might want to attend Bullets into Bells at Sixth and I.

FILM: Spend the last day of January watching one of the best sci-fi films ever made, Forbidden Planet, at West End Cinema.

FOOD + DRINK: Port City Brewing Co. is counting down their new Colossal Ales by revisiting their old Colossal Ales. Read our feature on last year’s Colossal 6.

Port City

FREE: National Gallery of Art’s Outliers and American Vanguard Art opened over the weekend. It’s a lot quieter in one of D.C.’s best museums during the middle of the week.

Horace Pippin, Interior, 1944, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Meyer P. Potamkin, in Honor of the 50th Anniversary of the National Gallery of Art

MUSIC: Typhoon and Bad Bad Hats are at 9:30 Club. Get there early for Bad Bad Hats. Read about their Nightmare Gig.

OUTSIDE: If you’re one of those people that like to run at night (I wish I was), the local version of No Buts Night Run with REI & Ragnar begins at 6:30 p.m. at Summit To Soul. REI will donate $1 for every registered runner to the American Hiking Society in support of the National Trails System 50th Anniversary.

There’s a blue moon Wednesday night so that’s another reason to sweat outside.

STAGE: Handbagged opens tonight at Round House Theatre. The play about a battle between Margaret Thatcher and The Queen was well received in London makes its US premiere.

STAY IN: Catch up on the first season and first 11 episodes of season 2 of The Good Place. The second season finale airs Thursday night and we want to talk about it. It’s the best comedy on network television. It features the best numbers on network television.

Image result for the good place 69 gif

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That’s it. No more picks until Thursday. Have a good week. You’re 1/12 done with 2018. You made it. You made it almost 10% of the way.