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Welcome to February! It’s cold and rainy. What a time!

Every Thursday at 9 a.m we mail you our Best Weekend Bets. Best Weekday Bets are for people that want to do fun things during the first part of the week.

We’re giving you 9 options each day to make sure you don’t have an uneventful night. Unless you want an uneventful night. That’s why we’re giving some staying in picks.

ACTIVE: If February isn’t already romantic enough, Baltimore’s The Winup Space hosts BIKE LOVE: A Bikemore Valentine’s Day Bash!

CULTURE: The Washington National Cathedral is one of the neatest buildings in D.C. They also do some of the oddest programming. Tonight is Seeing Deeper: Space, Light, and Sound. It’s a light show. In a cathedral.

FILM: The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. Watch Silver Linings Playbook, a film that garnered Jennifer Lawrence an Academy Award for Best Actress. She filmed it as a 21-year-old woman, playing the role of a widow. The lead actor, Bradley Cooper, was 37-years-old during filming.

Congrats, Eagles!


FOOD + DRINK: The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. Eat some Taylor Gourmet.

FREE: If you still haven’t figured out how to make positive change, consider attending Becoming a Citizen Activist with Busboys and Poets Books at the Busboys at 5th and K.

MUSIC: SZA, who was nominated for 5 Grammy Awards and deserved multiple Grammy Awards and took home 0 Grammy Awards, plays Fillmore Silver Spring. The Grammy’s suck.

OUTSIDE: I’ve had more than one bike stolen. It’s difficult to bike outside when your bike is no longer in your possession. District Hardware and Bike hosts Bike Maintenance and Security.

STAGE: We’re looking forward to Familiar at Woolly Mammoth Theatre. It opens tonight and runs through March 4.

STAY IN: The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. Watch 12 seasons of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia on Hulu. Watch all of it. Now. Because you too can be a Super Bowl Champion.


ACTIVE: Remember when we said the Washington National Cathedral has some odd programming? Today they’re offering yoga. From light show to yoga. In a cathedral.

CULTURE: Dance may be the most impressive and difficult to critique art form. We photograph it often and it’s often awe inspiring. The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, arguably the most important dance company, begins their annual Kennedy Center run tonight.

FILM: Suns Cinema screens the Prince LOVESEXY Tour concert film. Not a hologram.

FOOD + DRINK: Last weekend The Washington Post Magazine published a glowing review of RASA. We did that in December.

RASA Preview-51

FREE: The Smithsonian After Five series presents The Resonance of the Archive: The Use of Civil War Imagery in Contemporary Art. 

MUSIC: Letitia Van Sant has a record release show at Black Cat.

OUTSIDE: The Olympics begin this week. There will be lots of Olympics related gym classes, rides, stretches, etc. For today we’re recommending the MINT-lympics Torch Relay Theme Ride. U-S-A?

STAGE: Joe Biden speaks at The Anthem are people are excited. I am not excited because he’s a 75-year-old former public servant so there’s nothing new he could say or do to affect any change. He did his job for a very long time and I don’t need a pep talk. But some people are excited to spend $95 to $450 to see a former public servant speak.

STAY IN: The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. You may not care about America’s favorite sport that ignores CTE. You may care about J.J. Abrams projects. During the Super Bowl the new Cloverfield film was announced. After the Super Bowl the new Cloverfield film, The Cloverfield Paradox, was made available on Netflix.

ACTIVE: Yesterday we recommended yoga in a cathedral. Today we’re recommending yoga in the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Stretch near priceless art.

CULTURE: Atlantic writer David Frum talks about his newest book, Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic, at Politics and Prose. Apparently not everyone is thrilled with the President of the United States of America!

FILM: The National Gallery of Art has a fantastic film series. Tonight they’re presenting An Affinity for Constructivism, a program of shorts about positive social change. Read more about the NGA film programming in our Dream Jobs interview with NGA Film Curator Peggy Parsons.


FOOD + DRINK: Our beer writer Phil Runco recommends IPA Insanity at Smoke & Barrel.

FREE: On Monday we recommended a light show in the Washington National Cathedral. On Tuesday we recommended yoga in the Washington National Cathedral. Today we’re recommending a mid-week indoor carnival. Who has an indoor carnival at the beginning of February in the middle of the week? The Washington National Cathedral. All games and prizes are free.

MUSIC: Chicago Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center

OUTSIDE: It’s been cold and ugly outside but today’s weather is supposed to be not that bad! But we don’t determine the weather so we’re recommending something that isn’t date specific. Find the Capitol Stone Yard.

STAGE: It’s Ladies Night at Woolly Mammoth. Before a preview performance of Familiar, women professionals in theater are encouraged to arrive early, mingle and drink Republic Restorative tastings.

STAY IN: The season finale of The Good Place is now available on Hulu. Catch up so I can talk to more people about Sting’s Desert Rosé Grille.


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That’s it. No more picks until Thursday. Have a good week. Congrats, Philly. Fuck Tom Brady.