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Fat Tuesday and Valentine’s Day are back to back. Makes sense.

Every Thursday at 9 a.m we mail you our Best Weekend Bets. Best Weekday Bets are for people that want to do fun things during the first part of the week.

We’re giving you 9 options each day to make sure you don’t have an uneventful night. Unless you want an uneventful night. That’s why we’re giving some staying in picks.

ACTIVE: Yesterday’s weather was a good reminder that race season is approaching. Get back in shape/stay out of shape at Port City’s Joggers & Lagers.

CULTURE: Black Panther the movie is in theaters this Monday. If you’re unfamiliar with the character, read about the character. If you’re somewhat familiar, we recommend Black Panther: World of Wakanda. Written by Roxanne Gay, it’s not really about Black Panther but lives in Black Panther’s universe. We enjoyed the World of Wakanda limited series run (it was cancelled after six issues) more than Coates’. Hopefully the popularity of the film will force Marvel to commission more issues.

FILM: The Wedding Singer turns 20 this year so Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is screening The Wedding Singer. It’s 20 years old. You’re 20 years older than you were in 1998.

FOOD + DRINK: Go to a metal show. Occvita from Germany are at Atlas. It’s in this category because Atlas is one of D.C.’s best breweries.

FREE: Attention BYT murder fans: Danish crime author Sara Blaedel speaks about her new book, The Undertaker’s Daughter, at the Embassy of Denmark.

MUSIC: Our music pick of the night isn’t a concert but a conversation with BØRNS at Kramerbooks. BYT’s Jose Lopez-Sanchez interviews the artist at 7:30 p.m.

OUTSIDE: Olympic figure skating time! Hell yeah, Adam Rippon! You skated like the best bird! Attempt to maintain balance on razors on the ice rink at the Sculpture Garden.

Image result for adam rippon gif

STAGE: Pop-Up Magazine returns to D.C., this time at the Warner Theater.

STAY IN: The curling mixed doubles semifinals air at 5 p.m. on CNBC and 8 p.m. on NBCSN and curling mixed doubles is my new favorite sport. American brother sister duo Matt and Becca Hamilton are already eliminated but they’ve already medaled on the Olympic podium in my heart. They clearly do not like curling with each other but did it for the good of the country. I stayed up too late Saturday night watching curling because of the Hamiltons. Someone give them a reality show. Make this curling thing a thing.


ACTIVE: Learn about things with two wheels at Black Cat’s Bikeshare Hack Night.

CULTURE: We live in one of the best American art cities. Find out about the state of art in D.C. at the State of Art 4/ DC at the Corcoran. One of the presenters is Robin Bell, the artist that projects images on the Trump Hotel and other hotbed locations. You’ve seen his work in your Instagram feed.

FILM: Israel’s Official Submission for the 2018 Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award, Foxtrot, screens at the DCJCC. It’s the best time to see a movie in a theater. Most every Oscar nominee is in theaters and the weather sucks.

FOOD + DRINK: Fat Tuesday! We’re recommending Black Jack/Tilt’s celebration.

FREE: DC9 celebrates 14 years of business! And it’s Fat Tuesday! Beads! They’ll also be offering frozen hurricanes and other New Orleans inspired drinks and food specials all night. No cover.

MUSIC: Yesterday we recommending seeing BØRNS chat with one of our writers. Tonight we’re recommending seeing BØRNS perform at The Anthem.

OUTSIDE: You know how we said D.C. is one of the best cities for art? Here’s more proof. The Hirshhorn is restaging Krzysztof Wodiczko projection on view on the facade of the museum from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. After you see the work that first premiered on 30 years ago, go inside for a preview of the Brand New exhibition.

STAGE: Author you like(d) Dave Eggers talks about his newest work, The Monk of Mokha, at Sixth & I. I still like him. In addition to writing easily digestible fiction and non-fiction, he’s responsible for 826, which is a great organization that just wants kids to read and write.

STAY IN: Cool Runnings is on Netflix. Watch a movie about the Winter Olympics rather than the Winter Olympics.

ACTIVE: Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re not going to eat with your date or going to dance with your date and don’t have a date, we like DC9’s Sing-Along: Breakup Songs. It’s part of their monthly sing-along series and also free. We’re including this under active rather than music or free since belting your heart out on the most romantic night of the year is draining.

CULTURE: We’re written about the To Future Women exhibit so it’s only right that we recommend the To Future Women: Today’s Words for Tomorrow’s Leaders talk at The Phillips Collection.

To Future Women creator and artist Georgia Saxelby, photo by Walker Esner

FILM: I, Tonya is a great movie with a compelling portrait of two young lovers. See it with someone you love at The Avalon. Spoiler alert: someone gets shot in the ass.

FOOD + DRINK: Last month we gave you our 14 picks for where to spend Valentine’s Day. They’re good picks.

FREE: Happy Valentine’s Day! Celebrate with movement at Black Cat for Chad America’s 19th Annual Valentine’s Day Rock & Roll Dance Party. 19 years! No cover.

MUSIC: Sleigh Bells is at 9:30 Club. This is obviously the most romantic show of the evening. Get there early for Sunflower Bean.

OUTSIDE: If you’re looking for an outdoor Valentine’s Day activity that you definitely won’t lose you any calories, go on the Embassy Row Valentines Chocolate Tour.

STAGE: The long running Mortified returns to Town for their show based around doomed Valentines. Did we mention it’s Valentine’s Day? Happy Valentine’s Day!

STAY IN: Watch Luther Vandross Live at Wembly 1987. It’s Valentine’s Day.


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Time to learn how to curl.