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It’s official! We’re getting a reboot of The L Word in 2019! When, exactly, remains to be seen. But at least we have concrete hope! I don’t know if the show is going to be real good or real bad, but as with all of the existing seasons, I plan to watch every single episode. (FINGERS CROSSED FOR JENNY SCHECTER TO COME BACK AS A REANIMATED CORPSE SO SOMEONE CAN KILL HER AGAIN!)

Until that time rolls around, though, I figured I’d do another round-up of the best queer female-driven films and web series I saw this year! (Here’s the one I did last year for even MORE GOOD QUEER FUN!)

Before we get into it all, I should preface by saying I will for the most part not be discussing network TV shows, because even though I continue to ship WayHaught and SuperCorp and VillanEve as much as the next guy, chances are you definitely already know about them! For now, let’s kick things off with…

Feature Length Films

(No, I’m not including The Favourite or Disobedience and IT IS NOT A MISTAKE! I was disappointed by both, although I still deeply love Rachel Weisz and Olivia Colman. THIS IS MY SHOW AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!)

The Miseducation of Cameron Post

It’s entirely possible that you saw this in theaters, and I’m already breaking my own rules about not including more mainstream material. HOWEVER, I think it’s absolutely worth mentioning in the event you haven’t taken the time to check it out yet. Desiree Akhavan is a fucking GENIUS, and I really enjoyed her adaptation of Emily M. Danforth’s book, but even more so, shout-out to Chloe Moretz for her performance! Conversion therapy is complete and utter bullshit, and we need to be shouting it from the rooftops, whether it’s at the movie theater or in the streets.

Duck Butter

I feel like this one got mixed reviews, but I really liked it! There is, admittedly, a LOT of sex (like the whole premise is Alia Shawkat’s character and Laia Costa’s character have sex every hour on the hour for 24 hours), so if that’s not up your street, then maybe skip? But I thought the whole emotional connection aspect of it was super interesting, and after watching it I TOTALLY get why my therapist thinks my attachment style is anxious-avoidant. Like, I am Alia AND Laia. (What a winning combo amirite?!) Anyway, it’s on Netflix now, and I’m voting you give it a watch.

Short Films

1 in 10,000

This is a short film in three parts (the first is embedded below, but click thru for two and three), and you would never know it was written and directed by a dude! (I mean that in the best possible way!) If you’re the kind of person who’s not into subtitles, then 1. GET OUTTA MY LIFE! but also 2. this might not be for you as it’s in Korean. But sometimes you gotta put the work in, you know what I mean? And this is totally worthwhile, but even if you were to watch sans interpretation, the visuals are ace.


This is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever watched, you guys. And I think it was created as a sort of commercial for a lesbian dating app? WHY IS IT SO CUTE?! I’m not even going to explain the plot, just watch it and feel ALL OF THE FEELINGS! (Subtitles again, but maybe you speak Spanish and don’t need ’em in the first place!)


This is the shortest one of the bunch, but it definitely packs a punch! (That rhymed! Wow wow wow!) It’s from Poland, and really drives home the whole GODDAMMIT vibes I am sure most queer women are familiar with. Just watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

Ad occhi chiusi

And in case you were feeling TOO MANY good feels, then let’s bring you back down to reality with this guy! It’s definitely not “new” (it’s like at least three years old), but I didn’t include it last time, and so I’m making amends now! This is another one with subtitles (it’s Italian, duh!), but again, worth the effort in my opinion! (Even though the ending is a bummer // why are parents such dickheads?!)


Finally, no subtitles necessary! This one hails from Australia, and it’ll definitely resonate for anyone who was ever closeted in high school! (Read: many, many people, ya gurl included!)

The Japanese House – “Lilo”

Does a music video count as a short film? ACCORDING TO ME IT DOES! I could watch “Lilo” all day every day! IT IS V. BEAUTIFUL! Also, talk about ex goals…I can’t even wrap my head around the level of maturity necessary to shoot something like this with your former girlfriend. SLOW CLAP FOR AMBER AND MARIKA! (For even more Japanese House vibes, check out this brand new track, snag a copy of her new record on March 1st, AND grab tickets to catch homegirl on her North American tour this spring!)

Web Series


This is by far one of my favorite queer web series not just from the past year, but OF ALL TIME! The writing and acting are great, but it’s also pretty hard to fuck up the hilarity that inevitably ensues when your mother suddenly comes out to you and your queer friends as bisexual. The whole thing is also v. beautifully shot! All in all, a BIG recommend.

Same Same

The pilot for this one actually came out a WHILE ago, and I just figured they weren’t planning to continue it. But here we are, with plenty of quality episodes available! It’s all about the struggles of being a queer lady tryin’ to make it in the world of dating apps in a big city. You’ve been there, I’ve been there, WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE, so it’s a pretty funny watch. The mini episodes also happen to be my favorite thing, because they highlight what a goddamn nightmare it can be when you’re out on a date with someone who’s comically incompatible! And major shout-out to Uncle Meg for this GEM of a cameo.

What do you think I should be watching since I’ve obviously seen all of these? Any good recommendations? Have YOU seen all of these? Are we the same person? TELL ME PLEASE AND THANK YOU DOT COM!