Best NYE Weekend Bets 2016

Hey everyone! This week’s loooooong selection of NYE weekend events on D.C. BEST WEEKEND BETS are, as always, hand picked from our awesome AGENDA HOMEPAGE and carefully calibrated for maximum fun, minimum stress and have general NYE RESOLUTIONS as a theme, because of all the obvious reasons.HI


Some really cool things on the horizon:

THIS_WEEK_ON_BYTAll sorts of great stuff:

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Let’s do it!


  • Live for the Last Time is at Buckeye and Bear with former D.C. comics Brandon Wardell, Kyle Martin and more.
  • 2016 was sad. Hank Williams wrote great, sad songs. Head to the Birchmere for their annual Hank Williams tribute.
  • 2016 was sad. You need to dance. Head to 9:30 Club for Big Something, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band and Bencoolen.
  • Umaya has an opening preview party.
  • If you want a small club show, Ruse de Guerre, Deer Eat Birds and Cold Beaches are at DC9.
  • If you want a small house show, Spy in the Sky, DOG, Time Is Fire, Buck Gooter and Airline Andouille are at Bathtub Republic.
  • If you want death metal, Vagra, Tomb Warden, Secular Media are at Slash Run.
  • If you want to laugh, Seasonal Disorder is at the Source.
  • If you want the best and hottest black female performers (their words), CMPVTRCLVB PRESENTS:GLOWENDTHEORY002 is at Black Cat.
  • If you want One Love Massive, One Love Massive Happy Hour featuring zacheser is at Songbyrd.





  • And just like that, the long weekend is over. How do you feel about that?

DONT_FORGETPHEW. THAT WAS A LOT. BUT:  THERE ARE A BAJILLION OTHER THINGS TO DO LISTED IN THE BYT AGENDA PAGES, so use it (to both post your events and search for them) and if you think we may have missed something, comment away–you know you want to. No excuses:

See you in 2017: