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In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s raining GATOS Y PERROS (Spanish for: A FUCK TON) outside today, meaning your dreams of mainlining margaritas and guac after work are (likely) hella dashed. That doesn’t mean you can’t move the party indoors to the comfort of your couch, though, so here’s a quick little guide to five Mexican shows I think you ought to stream on Netflix to get in ye olde Cinco de Mayo spirit:


I actually just started this one earlier this week, and while I’d have liked to binge it in one sitting, I’ve had too much on my plate to feel good about doing so. I do, however, plan on finishing it up this weekend, because I’m REAL ADDICTED! Basically, after the First Lady tells the President of Mexico she’s over their marriage, and his political support stands to take a major blow as a result, the two get into an ugly dispute in a hotel room, and the President ends up dead. Now, we don’t actually see what happens to him, because the First Lady trips and falls and (presumably) is unconscious when the President falls off the balcony to his death. However, what actually killed him was a bullet to the head, and when the First Lady comes to, she’s got a gun in her hand. Did she do it? I mean, I feel like it was an elaborate setup, but it’s all a little confusing. Regardless, as it was just the two of them in the room and one of them is now deceased, things don’t look good for her innocence-wise, and she legs it. It’s v. suspenseful to see her on the run, and her level of dedication to being a fugitive is pretty intense (she cuts a tracking chip out of her body, which is hardcore), so I’m really excited/anxious to see what happens in the rest of the series, especially since she left her two kids behind and that’s bound to complicate matters. Is it kind of the stereotypical image of a dangerous Mexico? I mean, yeah, kidnappings, murder, people being pushed out of planes…it really has it all, but that’s also what I love about it. Highly recommended.

La Rosa de Guadalupe

This show is hilarious and amazing, and is definitely worth your time if only for its endless abundance of glorious screencap opportunities. It’s basically mega-low-budget and just tries to tell you that if you pray to the Virgin Mary for help with LITERALLY ANY PROBLEM, good things will happen to you. (You will know your prayers worked if a white rose materializes mysteriously.) For instance, one girl got a botched boob job in one episode and almost died, but was like, “I promise not to be self conscious ever again!” and she swiftly gets a miracle to save her life. There are also multiple episodes that deal with the perils of being emo. It’s just the greatest, slash HASHTAG CATHOLICISM!

Club de Cuervos

The premise of this little Netflix Original is that the president of a Mexican football (read: soccer for the uncultured among you) club dies suddenly of a heart attack, leaving the responsibilities of keeping the business afloat to his spoiled as fuck son Chava and his hugely uptight daughter Isabel. He also complicates matters before biting the dust by possibly impregnating his much-younger girlfriend of fourteen months, meaning his two grown-up kids might have to split their inheritance with a third party should the baby prove to be their sibling in a DNA test.

Apart from the drama you’d already expect from the aforementioned scenario, Chava goes about driving the team into the ground almost as soon as he’s sitting in the president’s chair; he fires one of the best coaches in Mexico, he redesigns the team uniforms (leading sponsors to drop out and merchants to become SUPER pissed about overstock of the old jerseys), and the team itself begins losing games left and right. Meanwhile, Isabel’s head is exploding over Chava’s incompetent leadership decisions (as well as the fact that she thinks Mary Luz, her dad’s possibly-pregnant girlfriend, is conning them out of a third of their inheritance), and (as is to be expected), mega-hilarity ensues. Totally worth a watch whether you’re a futbolista or not!


There is a soft spot in my heart for Rebelde, because I somehow got hooked on watching it my junior year of high school and would fake sick on the regular to get home by 3pm for the purposes of watching the daily drama unfold. The show (which centers on the rich kids who go to a boarding school that’s literally called “Elite Way”) originated in Argentina, but the Mexican version (which is the one in question on Netflix) is TOPS; it’s basically like Degrassi with more kidnappings, and similarly to La Rosa de Guadalupe, its campiness goes fairly unmatched. (And in the style of Disney, the show also created a storyline for some of the kids to be in a band called RBD, which gained huge popularity and success IRL.) Requires very little brain power to follow, which is a plus.

Maria la del Barrio

And while we’re on the subject of CAMP DOT COM, nothing does it better than Maria la del Barrio! It’s your classic Cinderella story set in the mid-nineties; Maria lives on the outskirts of Mexico City and works in a landfill trying to find recyclables, but when her godmother (who she lives with) dies on Maria’s fifteenth birthday, she somehow magically gets sent to go be a housekeeper in the home of one of the richest and hottest dudes in the country. He’s got a girlfriend, but obviously he ends up falling in love with the street urchin. In the meantime, as with all telenovelas, there is much drama and hilarity that ensues. This is a very familiar plot, obviously, but the show may also ring some bells due to one of its most meme-ified villains (Soraya Montenegro), who has the best Spanish flip-out of all time in this scene:

Dear god, just watch it // it is incredible.