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Hey everyone! This week’s selection of events on D.C. BEST WEEKEND BETS are, as always, hand picked from our awesome AGENDA HOMEPAGE and carefully calibrated for maximum fun, minimum stress with The Crown there for you as our theme, winter and inauguration weekend anniversary and all.

This week we also have our friends at OTHERFEELS (artist development community/management firm/record label) giving concert picks. Time to put on the crown.


BYT Murder Club: Winter is a perfect time for mysteries – join us every Thursday this January at Suns Cinema for screenings of best cozy, twisty murder mysteries you probably haven’t seen.

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THIS_WEEK_ON_BYTAll sorts of great stuff:

We handpicked the best of everything this month, so you can have Your Best January.

• We’re profiling some people we think are doing good work because it’s important to do good work. We began the week with Miriam’s Kitchen Executive Chef Cheryl Bell.

• We spoke with Obama White House Social Secretary Deesha Dyer. Remember the last president?

• Two of our favorite posts of the year are here: Best Album Art of 2017 and (the much more fun) Worst Album Art of 2017.

• It’s less than a month to Valentine’s Day. It’s time to make Valentine’s Day restaurant reservation. Here are our 14 (still available as of this writing) picks.

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Listen to our radio show! BYT Radio hosted by Brandon Wetherbee streams at noon. Listen live. Subcribe in iTunes. Call in! Don’t call in. We don’t take calls.

• BYT Murder Club meets at Suns Cinema for Murder By Death. The film, not the band. We have interviewed the band. The band has nothing to do with our screening.

ARTECHOUSE’s new show, “Parallel Universe: Hypnotic Visual Experience,” opens today. Get your Instagrams ready. That last sentence doesn’t make sense but you know what I mean.

• The podcast event of the weekend (should we make this a thing?) is a live recording of the very popular NPR Politics Podcast Live: President Trump…One Year In at the Warner Theatre.

• The “Americans” exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian opens today.

• The Moth uses words to tell stories at Miracle Theatre. People sure do love stories!

• Hello jammers! (I clearly do not enjoy jam band music and know jammers is not a term used in the jam band community (Right? Whatever. Not going to Google it)) Circles Around the Sound jam at 9:30 Club.

• Make a friend at Friend Request, Sixth and I’s 9th annual speed-friend-making event.

OTHERFEELS PICK: Each month Hometown Sounds presents a band on the Millennium Stage. Tonight is Super!Silver!Haze! which is a good band featuring Brendan Canty on drums.

FREE PICK OF THE DAY: Big Ugly Truck is usually an outdoor dance party at the corner of 14th and U. It’s cold outside so this month they’re in Studio Ga Ga. They go back outside in April. It’ll be warmer.

BALTIMORE PICK: Baltimore has really good comedy shows and they happen to have really good UFO footage. Learn about one or both at Declassified REAL CIA Footage of Aliens at The Windup Space.



• YACHT headlines Rock & Roll Hotel. Read our interview with the band. We first interviewed them 8 years ago! That’s the age of a 3rd grader!

• Wake up very early and do some yoga in the Kennedy Center’s foyer. Sound Health: Daybreaker: New Year’s Resolutions begins at 6 a.m.

• Luce Unplugged returns to the Smithsonian American Art Museum with Time is Fire and Light Beams. If there’s not a government shutdown. next week’s Luce show in You, Me, Them, Everybody. I host that show.

• We’re excited to check out The Wolves at Studio Theatre. It opened earlier this week.

• The Iranian Film Festival continues at Freer and Sackler with a screening of Disappearance.

• Funny person Brian Posehn is at the Arlington Drafthouse.

OTHERFEELS PICK: Josh Jacobsen, Arif Omari & Frankliin with The Experience
Seba Yuri at Flash. Presented by Closed Sessions.

FREE PICK OF THE DAY: We like the Sarah Buchanan solo exhibition opening reception at 410 GooDBuddy.

BALTIMORE PICK: The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. is about Magooby’s Joke House. Come back for our interview with Wood.

+ ALL SORTS OF other stuff


Do some daytime stuff:

• It’s January 20. 364 days ago was the Women’s March. Today is the Women’s March on Washington 2018.

• Before and after the march, warm up in the galleries of the National Museum of Women in the Arts with free admission and warm beverages. Take this opportunity to celebrate the creative contributions of women and champion women through the arts.

• Ice Yards returns to Yards Park. Participate in DC’s largest group shotski attempt. You like doing shots with lots of people while holding one big ski, right?

• See Phantom Thread in 70mm at AFI Silver Spring. It’s a fine movie that’s getting rave reviews because of the director, lead actor and because it’s in 70mm. It’s not the director or actor’s best work and there’s only one shot that takes advantage of 70mm. My opinion is in the minority. Have fun!

• The Batmobile is on display at the National Museum of American History. It’s the Tim Burton Batmobile. It was driven there this week. We know this because we get very important press releases about the Batmobile.

• SAAM and the National Museum of the American Indian present the award-winning documentary Through the Repellent Fence at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Go home, take a nap and regroup for the best evening:


• We recommend Oliver Nelson at U Hall.

Sovereignty recently opened Arena Stage. You may have seen their television commercial. I think TV commercials for theater are actually effective. Movie trailors are easy to ignore but theater commercials stand out and at least plant the thought, “When did I last go to the theater?”

Trade hosts G ∆ Y / B ∆ S H : G Ø T H N I G H T. Is 2018 the year of goth? Nope! Damn. It’d be cool if 2018 was the year of goth.

• If you’re not weirded out going to a show on a college campus, AU has a good lineup with Technophobia, Blanka, Den-Mate and Gingerlys.

• Not sure if you like opera? Find out at Washington National Opera: Three New 20-Minute Operas, part of the American Opera Initiative Festival at the Kennedy Center. Even if you hate opera (why would you hate opera?), you should be able to sit for 20 minutes at a time.

• DJ Paddy Boom formerly of Scissor Sisters is guest DJing the Whitman Walker 40th anniversary dance party at TOWN. This should be a good time for EVERYONE.

• Exte Records celebrates 10 years with Near Northeast, The Red Fetish, Silo Halo and Teeting Veils at Capital Fringe.

OTHERFEELS PICK: THIS/SIDE party at Flash with Jenna Camille, Mike of Doom and Dreamcast

FREE PICK OF THE DAY: The 2018 Washington DC Travel & Adventure Show is today and Sunday at the Convention Center. Tickets range from free to $18 but when I clicked on purchase tickets it automatically offered them at $0. That’s free. We’re recommending it because there are usually free trips at these things. Go win a free trip. If you don’t win, use it as an excuse to check out Unconventional Diner.

BALTIMORE PICK: There’s a local coffee and beer tasting at UNION Craft Brewing. Our updated Coffee Guide will have a new section about coffee and beer. People like caffeine and beer.

+ ALL SORTS OF other stuff 


• Looking for some good new brunches to try? Check out our food section.

For your viewing pleasure:

• Spend your long weekend revisiting our always golden, freshly updated Murder Mystery Streaming Guide. Cold weather is perfect for murder.

• Not sure what to see in the theater? Check out our film section for reviews.

Leaving the house?

• The food + art event of the day is Art You Can Eat: A Food Focused Watercolor Workshop led by food illustrator and cookbook author Marcella Kriebel at Toki Underground.

• Pretty Boi Drag Presents #PrettyBoiAnniversary at Bier Baron. Celebrate 2 years with Pretty Boi. It’ll be pretty.

• It’s the one year anniversary of the Women’s March (0 arrests and over 500,000 people, that’s a fact that should be raised as often as possible, it’s so impressive). Sixth & I hosts Empow(HER)ed: An Evening of Arts & Activism.

• The Wedding Experience expo is at the Eagle Bank Arena. We photographed last weekend’s expo. And the DC Tattoo Expo.

• Story District has a second show at The Lincoln Theatre tonight because Saturday’s sold-out. We told you people like stories!

The Way of the World continues at the Folger Theatre. Come back to BYT and read out interview with writer and director Theresa Rebeck.

• Go to Bier Baron and, “Meet the real Indiana Jones,” Justin M. Jacobs, associate professor of history at American University and author of Indiana Jones in History: From Pompeii to the Moon.

OTHERFEELS PICK: OTHERFEELS streams live on Full Service Radio at 3 p.m. and is available on its Mixcloud page forever soon after. Fresh and relaxing sounds.

FREE PICK OF THE DAY: You can pay to do yoga at the Kennedy Center on Friday morning or wait until Sunday evening and do Zumba for free in the Kennedy Center. The Kennedy Center is not a gym.

BALTIMORE PICK: The Breakfast Club screens at The Senator Theatre. Hughes’ films were great and one of the reasons is the music. There should be an Oscar for best non-original music.

+ ALL SORTS OF other stuff…

And just like that, the weekend is over. How do you feel about that?

DONT_FORGETPHEW. THAT WAS A LOT. BUT:  THERE ARE A BAJILLION OTHER THINGS TO DO LISTED IN THE BYT AGENDA PAGES, so use it (to both post your events and search for them) and if you think we may have missed something, comment away–you know you want to. NO EXCUSES.

Remember, what’s good for her isn’t necessarily good for you.