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As we already mentioned, 2015 was a pretty great year for the movies. But somewhere between vampire mockumentaries, cross dressing adventures, immigrant stories and a very healthy dose of Oscar Isaac and Alicia Vikander, some VERY STYLISH movies came to life. Below, we list our favorites, but please, comment away with yours.

Also, for timeless style cues – check out this evergreen list of the MOST STYLISH MOVIES EVER (spoiler alert: more than one features Faye Dunaway)

CAROL – Todd Haynes loves women, and even more so loves WATCHING women, and his ode to 50s repression, bourgeois prisons, and yes, lesbian love features some truly magical voyeuristic moments. And with Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara in the lead, who can blame him. From perfectly fitted day dresses and smart suits and a very memorable pants moment on Blanchett’s Carol to smart cardigans and turtlenecks and pompom hats on Mara’s Therese, there is not a single misstep in the bunch. GET THE LOOK: skinny turtlenecks, headbands and tiny wasted smocks for the ingenue, and luxurious wool, vintage furs and coral lips for the mature seductress.


Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.05.52 AM


SAINT LAURENT – It may seem like a cop-out to name a biopic about one of the most important designers of all time one of the most stylish films of the year but are you going to argue with this? . GET THE LOOK: From the rive gauche pleats to the safari collection, it STILL all comes down to Le Smoking: perfectly fitted, and possibly with nothing underneath, just like Lucy Catroux used to do it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.12.32 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.12.19 AM

BROOKLYN –  A story about a poor, immigrant Irish girl who arrives to NY with barely a suitcase may not seem like a natural fit for a style parade, but our heroine undergoes a full-on 50s American working girl transformation a lot of which is told, quite literally, through costumes. Watch out for the swimsuit trying on scene. GET THE LOOK: Shrunken cardigans, prim collars and a some tasteful but perfectly applied eyeliner should do the trick. Auburn hair is a plus.

Saoirse Ronan in Brooklyn beach

SLOW WEST – One of the best movies of this year you likely have not had a chance to see (yet), is a sort of a neo-western road movie that is so visually aware of itself it is almost a flaw. But mix in Ben Mendelsohn’s fur, some truly outstanding frontier girl pants, and Michael Fassbender in suspenders and we’re on our way. GET THE LOOK: Chambray all day.

slowwestrosegun -1

THE DANISH GIRL – Tom Hooper’s story of a transgender pioneer is sadly not all we wanted it to be but both Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander wear the 1920s clothes, inspired by the paintings around them, perfectly. GET THE LOOK: Dropped waists, rich, embellished fabrics, toussled hair and a certain disregard for the rules are a must.

THE DANISH GIRL 004 Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.44.56 AM

THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY – The year’s probably sexiest film (and the lesbian movie everyone should have been talking about WAY before Carol) is also one of the most stylish. Once again, fashion is used as a weapon: of seduction, of control, of role play, and much like the characters’ motivations, often to surprising effect. GET THE LOOK: immaculate lingerie, pencil skirts and silk stockings for everyone. Capes are welcome too.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.51.00 AM The-Duke-of-Burgundy11-xlarge maxresdefault

KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE – Nevermind Spectre -a spy movie which uses a bespoke shop as a front for a secret agent operation was clearly always going to win our international man of mystery accolades here. Plus, Colin Firth in a suit is VERY hard to argue with. Or a truly deadly reinterpretation on stilletoes. Or vintage adidas tracksuits. Or Michael Caine IN ANYTHING. GET THE LOOK: tailoring. tailoring. tailoring. rinse. repeat like a mantra.


THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E – The second most stylish spy movie of the year. Dressing Armie Hammer, Henry Cavill and Alicia Vikander should have been fun, and IT WAS. Almost more fun than the movie itself, one could argue. GET THE LOOK: Vintage Pucci, manly turtlenecks and killer bone structures.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.59.20 AM

CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA – Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart and Chloe Grace Moretz square off in this modern play on All About Eve, set (mainly) in a gorgeous chalet in Switzerland and they do so looking amazingly. Juliette is casual luxury personified, Stewart is cool and calm in chic work separates and Moretz tries to make up for her youth in expensive tailoring. No one is fooling anyone, but everyone is camera ready at all times. GET THE LOOK: All of Helmut Lang. Always.

resized_99265-clouds-of-sils-maria-3_2-19593_t630 clouds-of-sils-maria-cannes-2014-2

A MOST VIOLENT YEAR – Just a reminder: this was released in 2015. January 2015, but 2015. Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac are both perfect in their roles as a 1981 NYC couple fighting to keep their business alive, and they also wear cashmere coats, cashmere turtlenecks, and cashmere everything else pretty perfectly. GET THE LOOK: Cashmere, baby.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 11.12.02 AM

that’s all folks, let us know your favorites (and maybe least favorites) in the comments. yes? YES.