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The Bentzen Ball is coming up VERY SOON, our first full on comedy festival. To get you better acquainted with the 5 million comedians involved, we had them fill out this very official questionnaire. All the other info you ever wanted on the Bentzen Ball is located on it’s very own special URL: http://www.bentzenball.com/

Name: Jackie Kashian

DJ Name: thirsty beaucoup

Hometown: southmilwaukee.org (I grew up online)

Occupation you’ll fall back on if this comedy thing doesn’t work out:

Time Travel Camp Guide, slogan: “come back in time with me and die of exposure”

Best joke you’ve ever told:

do you want the jew joke or the black joke?

Fellow Bentzen Ball comedian/comedienne you have a (no longer) secret crush on:

All of them. And I want to do it in a Van with all of them.

Favorite monument:

the 9/11 Monument… oh wait.

Worst name you were ever called as a child:

Jack-o-lantern. Happy Halloween everyone!

What are you doing right now? (be specific)

worrying that my flippant answers won’t be as funny and effortless as the other kids flippant answers.

If you had to have sex with an animal, what would you choose?

a snake. a really long, hard snake.

What are your pre-show rituals/superstitions?

I like to give and get massages.

Do you believe in God?

I do. And God believes in me. Because God is My Employer and the Universe is Infinite.

If you could eliminate one race from the Earth which would you choose?

the amazing race.

And finally, what did Tig bribe you with to get you to agree to come?

money. lots and lots of money. you didn’t get any?


Comedy Central Special / Last Comic Standing


Bentzen Ball Performances: Studio Theater, Thursday 7pm, HR 57-Jazz Room, Friday 7pm, Black Cat-Main Stage, Saturday 11pm.

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Jackie Kashian has a half-hour special on Comedy Central and has appeared on CBS, NBC, and the Nationally syndicated Radio/TV show Bob And Tom. She has been a national touring comic for over 14 years and has performed at the HBO Comedy Arts Festival, the Bumbershoot Arts Festival in Seattle, Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and has toured Australia for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow. This year she travelled to Kuwait and Iraq and performed for the troops.