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Photos by Nicholas Karlin, Franz Mahr, Clarissa Villondo

Bentzen Ball kicked off last night with the always magical Most Very Specialist Evening with Tig Notaro, Seaton Smith and Greg Barris. If you made it, relive the glory with these photos. If you missed it, clean up your act and grab some Bentzen Ball tickets here.

102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_401_F

We’ll let you enjoy the photos below (backstage, sidestage, after-stage and whatnot snaps are included) but first some quick notes:

  • Thank you all for coming!!!!
  • You should all come ALL THE OTHER NIGHTS TOO (trust us, you don’t want to miss all the magic).
  • Thank you to all our amazing talent last night: Tig Notaro (officially DC’s comedy BFF)!
  • And Seaton Smith and Greg Barris!

Seaton Smith and Greg Barris-2

  • Thank you to Waterkeeper Alliance for being our non-profit partner and for everything you do. Thank you to Waterkeeper Alliance’s Robert Kennedy, Jr. for introducing Tig!

Bobby Kennedy Jr-3

  • Thank you to the BYQueens for looking fabulous!


  • Thank you to Heineken for presenting all our Lincoln shows and keeping the Bentzen Ball dream alive with us for four years now.

102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_014_F

102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_507_F

102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_005-2_FTig Notaro and Friends102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_024_FTig Notaro and Friends102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_034_FTig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and Friends102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_077_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_096_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_102_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_109_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_112_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_135_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_147_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_149_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_159_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_161_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_176_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_186_FTig Notaro and Friends102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_199_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_206_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_218_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_224_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_230_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_243_FTig Notaro and Friends102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_248_FTig Notaro and Friends102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_275_FTig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and Friends102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_288_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_292_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_298_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_314_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_320_FTig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and Friends102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_316_FTig Notaro and Friends102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_319-2_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_321-2_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_338_FTig Notaro and Friends102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_344_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_347_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_369_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_377_FBentzen Ball Day 1-68102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_379_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_383_FTig Notaro and Friends102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_387_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_433_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_448_FTig Notaro and Friends102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_471_FTig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and Friends102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_474_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_483_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_485_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_489_F102617_BYT_Bentzen Ball_Nt1_508_FBentzen Ball Day 1-2Bentzen Ball Day 1-1Bentzen Ball Day 1-4Bentzen Ball Day 1-3Bentzen Ball Day 1-5Bentzen Ball Day 1-7Bentzen Ball Day 1-8Bentzen Ball Day 1-9Tig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and FriendsTig Notaro and FriendsGreg Barris-5Greg Barris-6Greg Barris-9Seaton Smith-1Seaton Smith-6Seaton Smith-7Bobby Kennedy Jr-2BYQueens-4BYQueens-6BYQueens-10BYQueens-11BYQueens-15BYQueens-16BYQueens-21BYQueens-22BYQueens-26BYQueens-28BYQueens-34Bentzen Ball Day 1-67Bentzen Ball Day 1-26