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Bentzen Ball is 9 days away. It’s time to familiarize yourself with funny. We combed through YouTube (Vimeo is more of art artsy video service than a useful source of funny) for some under-the-radar and highly viewed clips of funny people being funny. Late night appearances, sitcom outtakes, weirdo DIY videos, a little bit of everything. This will make the remainder of your Monday workday better. Netflix/Amazon/Hulu mandatory viewing

Tig Notaro

Tig is best on Conan. Sorry other late night hosts?

Rosie O’Donnell

Stern and Rosie. It’s not like Tig and Conan. Start around minute 3. It’s a long video but there’s no need to watch, just listen.


Rob Corddry

Let’s get away from interviews and back to the 80s.


We all like to treat ourselves. Treat yo self with outtakes.

Eugene Mirman

Mirman on NPR. Perfect fit.

Reggie Watts

Try to be Reggie Watts publicist. How do you sell this? Funny is funny? Funny is funny.

Todd Barry

Any Barry late night appearance is worth watching.

John Hodgman

Hodgman is an intelligent man.

Wild Horses

The Wild Horses improv group features Orange Is The New Black’s Lauren Lapkus. She also wears makeup.

Jeff Garlin

Garlin and Rivers!

Kyle Kinane

His special is fantastic. You can buy it on vinyl.

Wyatt Cenac

Most of you know Cenac from The Daily Show. He’s also a funny, but usually not animated, stand up.

Wham City

Learn something.

Ron Funches

Not ?uestlove.

Henry Phillips

Drunk History is the most informative history.

Myq Kaplan

So many riffs.


Jena Friedman

The web series that introduced a lot of comedy fans to Friedman and Kronberg. Which also leads us to…

Ben Kronberg

Another web series that introduced a lot of comedy nerds to comedy nerd friendly comics.

The Lampshades

Let’s stay with the web series. Here’s The Lampshades’ Kate Flannery with the late, great Joan Rivers.

Aparna Nancherla

Not a web series and sadly no longer a series, here’s Aparna on Totally Biased.


Brandon Wetherbee

And here’s Totally Biased host W Kamau Bell with Brandon.

Kate Berlant

Last week we learned about Paris. It’s time to learn about sex.

The Lucas Brothers

Now it’s time to learn about weed.

Liza Treyger

Now it’s time to learn about Alonzo Bodden.

Mike Lebovitz

Now it’s time to get on a cruise.

The Puterbaugh Sisters

Now it’s time to drink some wine after a long day at Groupon.

John F O’Donnell

Now it’s time to take a subway ride.

Stephanie Hasz

We’re all ethnically lesbian.

Katie McVay

The most DIYWTF video on this roundup. So excited to see Katie.


Church Night

DC faves and fans of the Lord.

Michael Foody

Michael Foody makes animated videos that you will not see on television.

Andrew Bucket

We were squatters.

Adam Friedland

Love is something different.


Kyle Martin

Kyle is following his dreams.

Natalie McGill

Hey, it’s Natalie at last year’s Bentzen Ball!

Matty Litwack

Going from home school to ‘regular’ school leads to uncomfortable situations.

Elahe Izadi

Inaccurate racism.


Chelsea Shorte

Valentine’s Day means it’s time to break up.

Alyssa Cowan

Girls know what she’s talking about.