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Since BENTZEN BALL is THIS WEEK (!?!) it’s time to brush up on ten more comics/performers/fabulous people that are coming to the fest! Our first round of MANDATORY VIEWING included clips from Tig, Janet, Nikki, Heather, Megan, Brody, Wyatt, Doug and Michael. Joining the party are Moshe, Janet (but this time for the kids!), Seaton, Jena, Kate, Graham, Everything Is Terrible!, Ian, Ira and Rachel! Meet our friends!

Why would you ever want to go to Ireland? Watch this Moshe Kasher clip and you’ll question why anyone ever does:

Janet is the voice of Korra in THE LEGEND OF KORRA. Children around the world recognize her voice. That’s kinda weird. We have a cartoon superstar coming to Bentzen Ball. Cool.


Bentzen Ball veteran Seaton Smith is featured in the new web series THE MORNING AFTER. In this episode he’s caught in a hypothetical situation about a cab ride back to the same apartment. Or prostitution. You make the call.

Jena Friedman from The Daily Show and The Late Show With David Letterman wrote and directed this web series. It co-stars Bentzen Ball vet Ben Kronberg. It will make you want to be single. It’s delightful.

Our favorite OFFICE worker talks with one of the greatest comedians of all time and does not fall down drunk. We love when Kate Flannery falls down drunk on screen, but that’s just a character. It’s a character. She’s a good, Irish Catholic girl.

Graham gets interrupted by Doug, a fellow Bentzen Ball performer. Skip to minute 18 to see two of our performers talk over each other. Please do not talk during their sets. They are professionals. Do not visit the bottom of the Grand Canyon if your name is Thelma or Louise.


Guys, it’s the 90s! We’re not old! We can be anything we want to be! Witches are women! We’re talking on a cellular phone!


Ian Brennen created GLEE. Without Ian, there’s no fake infomercial for a fake hygiene product. Thank you, Ian Brennan.


If you haven’t seen the entire THIS AMERICAN LIFE Showtime series, you should get Showtime and watch both seasons. It’s different than anything else that’s been on TV. Think FRONTLINE mixed with ESPN’s 30 For 30 mixed with something fun.

Debbie Downer is coming to the Bentzen Ball. The improviser made us laugh for years on SNL and now she’ll make us laugh on U Street. Son of a bitch!


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