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You guys-Bentzen Ball is around the corner. TWO WEEKS AWAY. That’s all the time that is left between you and four of the best days of your life. Four days of laughter, and boundless joy.  Now, we know that you maybe (probably) already went and bought (a bunch of) tickets but we ALSO KNOW that there is 40 odd acts showing up to this extravaganza and maybe you are having a hard time deciding who to see.

Fear not, we’re here to help. YOU SHOULD SEE EVERYONE (jk, well, not really). But, here is a brief list of must-see/must-hear highlights from some of our acts + a handy list of shows they’re showing up for during the weekend of October 10th-13th.

Sara Schefer and Nikki Glasser have a podcast that is so cute and funny and makes-you-want-to-be-their-bff that MTV gave them a TV show in hopes of recreating the magic on the small screens nationwide. The good news is – it works. The girls are funny, the guests are exactly who you wish them to be (KE$HA!) and sporadically they go out and do magical things like spread rogue red carpets around the city, just for your (and their own) amusement). Here is their variation of “BLURRED LINES”, for-the-ladies edition:

The web series spoof of The Bachelor which was (IS) better and funnier (if being funnier than The Bachelor itself is possible) than the show it is based on. Janet pops up as Carly, the lesbian contestant fighting for the heart of Mark Orlando, the fireman. Bonus: Ken Marino (as the man in charge), Michael Ian Black as the host, Jennifer Aniston, Malin Akerman, Kristen Bell, Ken Jeong and Natasha Leggero (2009 Bentzen Ball alum) as fellow contestants. Season 2 and 3 now available as well (BONUS TO THE BONUS: Nick Kroll, who is performing @ Bentzen Ball too is in Season 2).

All of The League is currently available on instant Netflix and that’s a good thing. Watch is all if you haven’t seen it yet (though we understand there is a slim chance of that) and then watch the Thanksgiving episode twice. Because the only thing that could possibly be better than havign Nick Kroll at Bentzen Ball is having Nick Kroll AND Jeff Goldblum at Bentzen Ball. “But everyone calls ME Ruxin”


Move away American Horror Story. This Adult Swim nugget which co-stars Patton Oswalt and Amy Sedaris as well, is the sickest, campiest, SICKEST bit of American Gothic you’ll run across this decade (ever?).

Chances are, you’ve seen this one, but it is worth revisiting since it is one of the greatest sitcom episodes committed to the small screen of late. After Ron Swanson (Mullally’s real-life husband + Bentzen Ball 2009 alum Nick Offerman) breaks up with Tom’s wife, he goes on a rampage with his ex-wife, and evil librarian Tammy 2 (Mullally). There are cornrows involved.

Brody Stevens is a whirlwind of a man. A highly energetic, passionate, Twitter-phenom who happens to be friends with Zach Galifianakis who happened to get Brody a role in The Hangover which happened to lead to an HBO show all about Brody. What a show. So good (seriously) it never aired on HBO proper. It’s currently on HBO Go and YouTube (Thanks, Brody) and you should watch it. You will fall in love with the complicated man. We binge-watched the entire series and feel like we understand as much as you can understand about Brody Stevens.

Bentzen Ball curator/headliner/all-star Tig Notaro wrote on the first season of Inside Amy Schumer and appeared in this very helpful skit. It seems like there’s an excuse for everything, as long as there’s cancer.

You probably know Cenac as a former Daily Show correspondent. He’s also a stand up. A very good stand up. This short and sweet clip from another Daily Show vet’s other show provides a small peek into what to expect from Cenac at the 9:30 Club.


This interview with Paul F. Tompkins gives the viewer an excellent and entertaining look at Benson, the popular podcaster/comic/guy that’s had roles on most TV shows/young person that appeared in Michael Jackson’s Captain EO. What’s that? You didn’t know that Doug Benson is in Captain EO? HE IS IN CAPTAIN EO!

Michael Hitchcock is one of those performers you see in small roles in movies and TV shows that make movies and TV shows better. Roles like Steve Stark in Waiting For Guffman and Hamilton Swan in Best In Show and Dalton Rumba in Glee make him a comedy nerd favorite.


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