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Thanks to OM Digital for the sweet sweet Bentzen Ball animated gif photoboth magic!

Want more photos: check out our behind-the-scenes portrait series here and our FULL, ELABORATE PHOTO SET HERE.



  • Thank you all for coming!!!!
  • Thank you to all our amazing (and frankly, legendary) talent: Jonathan Katz, Tig Notaro (officially DC’s comedy BFF and our festival curator), Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr (SURPRISE!), Tim Heidecker, WHAM CITY, Church Night, Jessica Williams, Phoebe Robinson, Morgan Murphy, Janeane Garofalo, W. Kamau Bell, Motherknuckle, Nore Davis, Jacquelyn Novak, Stephanie Alynne, Brett Gelman, Karen & Drennon, Stephen Wilber, Ben Kronberg, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Ian Abramson, Haywood Turnipseed, Brandon Wetherbee, Jamel Johnson, John F. O’Donnell, Andrew Bucket, Nor Quarrington, Jessy Morner-Ritt, Allison Lane, Brian Weitz, Brendan Canty, Ryan Little, and everyone at Story District.
  • Thank you to all our staff for kicking ass on no sleep this weekend
  • Thank you our venues: Lincoln, Howard, DC Improv and Wonderland
  • Thank you to Planned Parenthood for being our non-profit partner and for everything you do every day
  • Thank you to Heineken  for presenting all our Lincoln shows and keeping the dream alive (don’t forget: it is permanent Heineken happy hour at Ben’s Next Door if you show your Bentzen ticket)
  • thank you to Nando’s and Jameson and W Hotel DC for sponsoring the festival and keeping us well fed, well rested and well imbibed
  • Thank you to Moleskine for being our official notebook provider for 2nd year running, keep an eye on social for some very special festival content from them
  • Thank you to Absolut Elyx for hosting 50% of our after-hour hangs
  • Follow us on follow us on FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM and use #BentzenBall and #BYThings ALL THE TIME.
  • Thank you thank you thank you and SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR?

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MORE MORE MORE: http://events.onomonomedia.com/497/

Backstage shots here: http://brightestyoungthings.com/articles/all-access-photo-pass-bentzen-ball-portraits.htm