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BENT was everything it should have been, and more. Seriously. It felt like party curator DJ Lemz went through every queer party in DC and took in all the good things and left out all the shitty parts. The crowd didn’t feel like another circuit party, which is to say that the crowd actually felt like DC’s queer community. With a diverse cast of DJs, performers, and Go-Go dancers, BENT filled the Town-shaped hole in our hearts while carving out its own space to grow, and for that I am incredibly grateful.

The current plan is to throw BENT quarterly, and while the overwhelming response might push it monthly, I don’t think it should. This party was so calculated, I’d be worried about either the team burning out or people getting complacent (kind of like we did with Town.) It’s always amazing to see the community turn out, and after selling out the 9:30 Club, I think it’s safe to say we’re excited about having a new all-ages event to dance away our troubles.

Photos by Claire Edkins, Words by Tom Hausman