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We’re pleased to premiere the first track on Ben Pirani’s upcoming album How Do I Talk to My Brother?, “Try Love.” It’s a sincere throwback to the golden age of soul. The instrumentation is fantastic, on par with The Dap Kings. The four minute song goes from a head nodder to a body sway-er in the last minute. It’s a fine introduction to an album of modern soul from a singer that clearly loves and respects the genre.

Pirani hails from Chicago and was a large part of the Northern Soul appreciation scene. He was part of the long running, popular Windy City Soul Club series. Now living in New York, he’s gone from soul DJ evangelist to soul front man.

Colemine Records will release the album on limited edition vinyl, CD, cassette, digital and streaming services this Friday, September 21.

Feature photograph by Rosie Cohe