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 We continue our late night eating recommendation series with the one and only corner of 11th and U Ben´s Chili Bowl.

Because if it is good enough for Bill Cosby then who are you to say it is not good enough for you:

A slice of smoked history:

It was the summer of 1958. Eisenhower was president.

Federal troops were ordered into Little Rock to integrate public schools. Explorer I was launched, as was NASA. The first-ever Grammy Awards were given, and Ella Fitzgerald won two of them. 1958 was also the year Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. published his first book, Stride Towards Freedom. Griffith Stadium was home to the Washington Senators, and 30% of DC’s black population owned homes. Nelson Mandela wed Winnie.

And, in 1958, newlyweds Ben and Virginia Ali gave birth to a new enterprise.
Despite a national business failure rate of 55.9%, the Ali’s used $5,000 to begin renovating a building at 1213 U Street. It had high-arched ceilings, character and plenty of history. Built in 1909, the building first housed a silent movie house, the Minnehaha Theater. Later, Harry Beckley, one of D.C.’s first Black police detectives, converted it into a pool hall.

On Aug. 22, 1958, Ben’s Chili Bowl was born.

And today may I be damned if this is not THE ONE AND ONLY PLACE to stumble into at 2 am,

Stand in a gigantic line, or make nice and deserve a table and pour some processed meat and cheese into your spaker out mouth.

Menu favorites include: chili dogs, chili half smokes, chill burgers and veggie burger, which is what Grace is devouring down below and looking carniverous at her best vegetarian self.

And don´t forget the shakes or the cheese fries. WITH LOTS OF CHEESE.


the only way to go: