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By Seannie Cameras

Not only are we in the full swing of autumn but I feel the start of the holiday season sparked a fire sale for artists to share some end of the year project’s that are finally starting to materialize. With one good turn deserves another mentality I was “stoked” to have a fire sale of my own and share with you some of these Festivus stocking stuffers that have been giving me comfort and joy all Fall.

After epically Twitter-Trolling the respective DJ community, DMC champions Enferno (DC) and Shiftee (NYC) took to the Internet to gain attention of their new collaboration, E.A.S.Y. After the recent hype and criticism over the past few years that this new breed of “DJ” is in fact, performing the art of DJing the duo hope to change the way newer audiences will view the DJ as a musician and not a button-pushing-knob-turner that is finger blasting the “Sync” button.

This won’t be the last time you hear Cousin Cole’s name uttered within this column. I met him through the rising, Mid-Atlantic Moombahton scene a couple years ago and quickly learned he did more than Moombah. “Congo Tardis” cut is just vibey, chill, and maintains a tempo that could accelerate into a trap drop but instead it keeps its shirt in its sleeves and gracefully maintains itself throughout the course of the track. Dance to this alone or a friend and get weird.


Teeko has been a venerable force in the music business for over two decades and is now finally starting to get some respect where respect is due. So this week we go from the Chesapeake Bay to the The Bay that is San Francisco and Oakland respectively to visit the man that is responsible for the mix below. Turntablist, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, and all around nice guy is Teeko that joins the auspicious alum of Boiler Room TV by throwing a killer set that is still getting spins (obviously) around the net. With the rise of the DJ/Turntablist merging with EDM and EDM “DJs” this is a guy you are going to want to familiarize yourself now with so you can sound knowledgeable to your toy friends when he hits your Buzzfeed page.

Who would have thought that some of the illest, most mainstream and up-and-coming talent wasn’t necessarily coming from London, Berlin, or Detroit, it’s coming from the snowdrifts of freeze-your-finger-to-the-keyboard temperature’s of Norway. From Jersey Club to fucking “L3V3LS” it’s hard to turn on the internet radio and not hear someone from Norway burning up some chart with some huge song of the moment, summer or year. On the low a young Norwegian from Oslo produces tracks in his own lane, highly polished production with an ear for Warp Records instead of say, Dim Mak. Amongst a slew of edit’s, remixes, and mixes he managed to produce a pretty damn good debut EP (I Love You) during this busy 2014 and as a thank you to those that have supported him on the rise best believe he Loves You, Too.


Stay creative and stay tuned.